About me

Let me introduce myself, i’m MrsCryptoFreak. In October 2017 I got introduced into the world of cryptocurrencies by my mother and sisther. I immediately thought it sounded very interesting and then immersed myself in all the books and websites to learn everything about it. Soon afterwards I bought a number of (parts of) Bitcoins and Altcoins. My adventure went from hodling to trading, from airdrops to hunger, to supporting communities and blockchain projects.

More than a year later, I am more and more convinced that the blockchain (and the associated cryptocurrencies) will change the world and that it is important for others to find out more about it. Through this website and the projects below, I hope to be able to do my bit to increase the accessibility of cryptocurrencies.

At the end of 2018 I decided that it was time, I decided it was time to start a blog where I could publish all the information that I did write to help others. First I released the Dutch Blog www.mrscryptofreak.nl with alot of information for cryptostarters. And a few months after I launched www.mrscryptofreak.com which is more focused on one of my favourite project, Tron and her ecosystem. Tron was the first token that I bought, and therefore always has a special plays. Since the migration it’s lovely to see the dapps and ICO’s grow, Tron is a different world to explore and this website I hope to inspire others to have a look at Tron and her ecosytem.

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My Projects

Co-Founder – Girls Know Blockchain & Girls Know Airdrops
Girls Know Blockchain is one of the largest Dutch Facebook communities with 2400 members, the unique thing about the community is that it was created for and by women with the aim of inspiring more women to join the technical crypto world. A subcommunity that I have established is Girls Know Airdrops, to explore the world of airdrops and ICOs together.

You can find more information about Girls Know Blockchain here.

Community and marketing manager – BitGuild
BitGuild is a team of dedicated industry veterans with many years of experience in the gaming and blockchain space. BitGuild’s wide & varied skill set allows us to move fast in an ever-changing field. BitGuild’s mission is to drive mainstream adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies by providing compelling experiences through social, gaming, and entertainment applications. BitGuild has already 3 popular products, known in the TRON ecosystem: GuildChat, TronTrade and GuildWallet.

You can find more information about BitGuild here.

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