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What are the goals of Trontokens.org?

The accessibility of the Tron blockchain is a great strength, it makes it very easy for developers to start a token including a ICO to raise the funds needed for their products. On the other side, it makes it very easy for investors to buy any token without the need of KYC and big minimum caps. The down side of this accessibility is the immediately grow of Tron Tokens, and the quality is very divergent. From tokens with a funny name, till scam projects, but behind this there are also interesting projects.

That’s why Trontokens launched their idea to make a change and take a objective position in the Tron Economy to protect Tron Investors again scam tokens and help interesting Tron projects with promotions, to make the TRON Community more secure. To achieve this they have two tokens, the TronTokensContributor (TTC) which is being used on their platform. And the TronTokensGuardian (TTG) a reward u get for voting on their platform.

The Trontokens.org platform

To achieve this goals they developed a few tools to both help the Tron Investors as the Tron Projects. Like www.Trontokens.org on this website u can find any Tron Token with all the basic information from Tronscan. Project scan also update this information and add events/news. The main function of the Trontokens platform is to categorize the Tron Tokens in “SAFE” and “Dangerous” or “Scam” so investors know which projects they can trust. This is based on a few criteria, but mostly on the votes from the Tron Community. So every Tronfan can help vote, to help others determine the safety of a token. 

TronTokens Telegram Bots

Trontokens also developped a few telegram bots which are very popular on the Trading Channels. The Trontokensbankbot, can give u all information about every Trontoken. The TrontokensGuardianBot protects trading channels, by calling out scammers who are trying to sell (copycat)scam tokens. They also have a blog, and a telegram bot that displays the blogs and the upcoming events. 

Want more information about Trontokens? Check their accounts and information here.


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