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On the 14th of April, the CEO of Tron came with a interesting announcement which is a huge step for Tron and her community. Sun stated that TRX will be accepted at at 500.000 Hotel across 210 different countries. And that’s not all, when u use your TRX to book a hotel u will get a discount of 15% on the bookings. even stated that if u hodl the AVA token, u can even save another 10% extra.

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The Tron Foundation has been working hard on adoption plans for TRX. With GoSeedit, BitTorrent, the new Tether-Tron token, the SUNNetwork and the DApp development. A big travel platform accepting TRX as a payment option, including discount is another step forward to boost the worldwide adoption of TRX.

What is is a travel/booking platform with almost 600.000 Hotel in 210 different countries, with 82.000 destinations. Travala is therefore not a small fish, but a interesting and huge partner for Tron. Travala has a lot of Travel partners, that play a big role in the Travel industry, like HotelsPro and Gimmonix. The platform works like any other booking website, u can search on date, the travelers and the destination. It will give u an overview of the Hotels, the prices and the ratings.

The unique things is that Travala gives a discount to people who pay with cryptocurrencies. Travala already accepts 14 different cryptocurrencies. AVA, BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, NANO, DAI, BNB, NANO, BNB, DGB, XLM, TUSD, EOS, DOGE and now TRX as well. When u use TRX to book a Hotel, u will get 15% discount on your booking. also has a own token AVA, which currently costs 0.10 USD and has a circulating supply of 40 million tokens. AVA runs on the NEO platform. The AVA token can be used to get another 10% discount on bookings. AVA is available on Kucoin, Coinall, SwitchEo Network and Bitmart.

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