Become a KsumNole VIP, Earn Tokens and help those who need a little hand.

With the current violence in the world, the changing climate and the power of Mother Earth it’s important that we work together to help those who need a little hand. There are several ways to do this and it’s not only by donating money. In the Tron Economy there is an easy way to help the world making a better place, by joining the KsumNole VIP channel. In this channel u earn daily bounties, airdrops, help support charity’s & creating more awareness. But it’s also like a KsumNole family where u have fun together.

What is Ksumnole?

The quote from Elon Musk, is the inspiration for the name of the Ksumnole project. Ksumnole’s mission is to bring together charity organizations to utilize the super fast and transparent system being built in. We all know the problems with the current donation plans, where a lot of donations don’t reach the people who really need it. That’s why Ksumnole aims to solve this problem by using the current possibilities of the Tron Blockchain. Therefore Ksumnole created a token MSK, which didnt had a ICO or presale but was all supported by a big and supportive group of tron users who like to participate and donate together to become part of the Ksumnole VIP group.

What is the KsumNole VIP Group?

The KsumNole VIP Group is a telegram group full of exclusive VIP members that support the KsumNole project, but it’s also a group of lovely helpfull people who are crazy about Tron and other cryptocurencies. To join this chat u have to donate 2500 TRX to the KsumNole Project. But in return u will get a invite to the KsumNole Group and several actions (see the complete list below). This includes a Welcome Bonus, which is already worth some TRX but also daily airdrop, bounty’s and rains. So in the end, U will only earn tokens by joining the KsumNole VIP Group. In the KsumNole VIP also decisions are made for the future development of the KsumNole project as a VIP u do have a important Vote in this. Together with the other VIPS u will support the Tron Economy, Create more awareness for Charity’s and profit from exclusive extra’s.

What do I get when I join the KsumNole VIP Group?

  • Unique Personalized VIP Pass: U will get a personalized image, so u can let everyone know that u joined the VIP channel. The pass also contains a personal code, that u can use to enter if something happened to your telegram channel. Off course, u can put in your telegram title as well that u are an one and only KsumNole VIP.
  • Welcome Goodie Bag: Once u joined the VIP channel, the tipping starts. U will receive a Welcome Goodie Bag of several tokens including MSK (which u already can trade into TRX), NoleWater (which will be listed on exchanges soon) and tokens from sponsors.
  • Entry into the exclusive VIP Telegram Group: Offcourse, u will receive a telegram link as well to be able to join the VIP Telegram group. The telegram group is only for KsumNole VIPS and in this chat there are some really awesome and kind people. That will help u whenever u have questions about anything.
  • Your telegram name on the KsumNole VIP Wall on the website: As a thank you for the support, u will name will be listed on the official KsumNole website, at the VIP wall. The VIP Wall will be opened soon.
  • Decide about the future of the KsumNole Project: Your vote plays a important role in the decentralised decision making of the future development of the KsumNole project. Therefore VIPS are involved in votings for questions about the future charity’s, the token(listings) etc.
  • Exclusive discounts: In the VIP channel, often exclusive offers are made by parners of KsumNole so u can buy some cheap tokens. KsumNole VIPS were also invited to buy Nolewater first, for a cheaper price. And last, u will get a exclusive discount code to be able to buy KsumNole Merchandise on the website.
  • VIP Invites to future KsumNole events across the Globe: In the future KsumNole will organise different events around the world to create more awareness for Charity. As a VIP u will get a personal invite to these events.
  • Exclusive LIFETIME eligibility for airdrops and rains: In the KsumNole VIP Group every day is a party, daily u will receive tokens from the airdrops and rains. Tokens that are rained are: TRX, KsumNole, NoleWater but also other tokens from other Tron Projects. This way u will earn some extra TRX easy, for only being there. In the future development this will also mean that u don’t have to be active in the channel to receive those tokens. So grab some easy profit in there!
  • Dividend Payout (New feature): Soon MSK holders also will receive dividend payout in NoleWater!

How do I join the KsumNole VIP Group?

  • Step 1: Talk to the Admin: Send the founder of KsumNole a private message on Telegram and tell him that u are interested in joining the VIP channel. U can contact him here.
  • Step 2: Pay the donation: To be able to join the VIP channel u need to pay a donation. At this moment the donation entry is 2500 TRX. U can easy pay this TRX amount by tipping the founder @KsumNoleToken using the @Goseeditbot. Reply to one of the messages from @KsumNoleToken with /tip 2500 then u TRX will be send from your GoSeedit Wallet to the Donation wallet.
  • Step 3: Get a Personal Invite: Once u paid the founder of KsumNole, u will get a personal invite to the VIP channel, including a image with a personal code and a link to the VIP channel. Save the image, this is your entry when u might lose your telegram.
  • Step 4: Join the VIP Channel & Get your Welcome Package: Click on the telegram link u received to join the VIP Channel. Once u joined u not only will get a warm welcome from all the current VIP members. But u will also get a Welcome Package containing several tokens like: MSK, NoleWater and different tokens from partners.

More information or questions about Ksumnole?

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