Brave Browser, earn & tip cryptocurrencies while browsing the internet.

Did you know that when you use the internet, Google tracks all kinds of information about you? Such as your income, your life events, your location and much more. In addition, the internet is now full of advertisements and last but not least you should always ensure that you do not download a virus.

What is Brave Browser?

Brave Browser hopes to offer a solution for this, in a nice way for cryptocurrency fans. Brave Browser is a website browser such as Google Chrome or Explorer, however, Brave Browser blocks advertisements, trackers and viruses. This is not only easy, but also very pleasant to use, as you immediately notice that your internet pages load much faster. Brave Browser was developed by the owners of Firefox and Mozilla and is with that already a large player with more than 2 million users.

Finally, Brave Browser rewards its users monthly in the form of cryptocurrencies (around 10 usd per month) for use. In addition, Brave Browser will integrate rewards for advertisements so that you can earn even more per month. And what is also very nice is that you can easily reward your favorite website or YouTube via Brave Browser, with one click on the button you send him / her a number of tokens. Even if you have a website yourself, it is therefore interesting to activate the Brave tipping system.

The functions of Brave browser are:

  • Block advertisements / trackers / viruses
  • Increase the loading speed of internet pages
  • Monthly crypto reward for use (that you can use to reward content creators)
  • Soon a reward for every advertisement that u will see (that you can trade)
  • Offers you the option to reward your favorite websites & youtube users

Below I will explain how to install Brave Browser for use, how to tip others and what you need to do as a website owner to activate Brave.

How do I install Brave Browser?

Step 1: Download Brave Browser
Go to the website of Brave Browser via this link and click on the orange button with “Download Brave“. The download will start automatically and will be displayed at the bottom of your browser. When the download is complete click on the file: “BraveBrowserSetup.exe” and then click on run. Brave Browser will then automatically start the installation that takes no more than three minutes. You will receive a message “Installation Complete” when the installation is complete.

Click on the image for a full size view.

Step 2: Set Brave Browser to your preferences
After Brave has been installed, the Brave Browser will automatically open and begin an introduction tour explaining the different functions of Brave. To start this tour, click on “Let’s go“.

Click on the image for a full size view.

A. Import your bookmarks and settings from your current browser
You will then be given the option to import your bookmarks from your current browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. If you want, click on “Import” and then choose from which person / browser the bookmarks should be imported. The bookmarks are then added to Brave.

Click on the image for a full size view.

B. Choose your default search engine
Select which search engine you want to use by default, it is automatically set to Google. If you want to change this, click on “Settings” and select another search engine from the list.

Click on the image for a full size view.

C. Select the Dark or Light Theme
In this submenu you can choose to change the automatically set Light theme of Brave Browser to the dark theme. If you want to change this, click on “Choose your theme” and then select “Dark Theme“.

Click on the image for a full size view.

D. Ad and tracker options
The Add and Track blockers are automatically switched on at Brave. This means that all advertisements and trackers from, for example, Google are automatically blocked. This can sometimes cause parts of a website to be blocked that you would like to see. Brave explains here how you can prevent this. To turn off the add and track blockers, click on the “lion” (Brave logo) next to the address bar and then on “Shields off“.

Click on the image for a full size view.

Step 3: Activate Brave Rewards
As mentioned earlier, Brave Browser makes it possible to be rewarded for viewing advertisements (in the future) and for using Brave Browser. For this you get the BAT token, which can already be traded on Binance. Click on “Enable Rewards” to activate the reward system.

Click on the image for a full size view.

A new popup opens, explaining how the Brave Browser reward system works. To activate, click on “Yes I’m in”.

Click on the image for a full size view.

You will then see the following message “Creating Wallet”. This means that Brave automatically creates an UPHOLD wallet for you to receive and send the BAT tokens.

First of all it is important to make a backup of this wallet, click on the “Triangle” on the right in the address bar and then on “Reward settings“. Finally, click on the settings in the top right corner of your wallet. And then you can write down, download or make a screenshot of the SEED (the words in the correct order, your password for your wallet). Make a good backup of these files.

Click on the image for a full size view.

Step 5: Check the reward settings
The settings must be set as shown below. Brave Rewards must be switched on. The advertisements are not yet available. And Auto-Contribution is advisable to turn off. With the auto contribution function, your monthly payment is automatically paid to the websites that you visited that month.

Click on the image for a full size view.

Use Brave Browser for your website or YouTube channel

Do you have your own website, which has an SSL certificate? Or do you have an active YouTube channel? Then you can also activate Brave Tipping. This allows your visitors to reward you with a donation by simply clicking on the tip function. To activate this you will have to register on this website. And then you will have verify that u are the owner of the website and link this account to a UPHOLD wallet.

How do I tip a content creator via Brave Browser?

  1. Go to the website or the Youtube channel of the person you want to reward.
  2. Click on the “Triangle” in the address bar, if there is a blue logo with the text “Brave Verified Publisher” then you are sure that the content creator has activated Brave and gets the tokens immediately. If the content creator Brave has not yet activated the tokens are sent as soon as the owner has activated Brave. Brave keeps trying this for up to 90 days.
  3. Then click on “Send a tip…”
Click on the image for a full size view.

4. Then choose a “Tip amount” you can choose from 1.0 BAT (0.30 USD) 5.0 BAT (1.48 USD) or 10.0 BAT (2.95 USD) then you can check whether you want to make this donation monthly or one-off. Finally click on “Send my tip” and the owner of the website or the youtube channel will receive the tokens. Brave hopes to be able to expand this in the future with other options such as facebook / twitter etc.

Automatic contribution: You can also choose to automatically distribute your monthly reward over the sites that you have visited. The reward is then divided on the basis of the number of visits and the visitor time. This way you instantly reward all (free) websites that you use. That’s what Brave advises to do, so every content creator earns there reward.

More information about Brave?
Download Desktop
Download Android (Reward system doesn’t work in the app yet)
Download IOS (Reward system doesn’t work in the app yet)

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