How did the first token launch go on the TRXMarket Launchpad?

A few weeks ago TRXMarket announced that it will open a LaunchBase, similar to the Binance Launchpad but then only for Tron startups. Soon after this, TRXMarket got a lot of collaboration from other Tron Projects that they will support the TRXMarket, such as ABCC Exchange and TronWeeklyJournal. On the 18th of April, the first token sale started at the new TRXMarket Launchpad, which was also backed up by Justin Sun himself. Let’s have a closer look at the launchpad, what exactly is it? And most important, was the first token sale a success?

What is the TRXMarket Launchpad?

TRXMarket is an popular Tron Decentralized Exchange, where people can trade 12 different tradingpairs without paying trading fee. On the 11th of April, TRXMarket released the information about their brand new launchpad, including the first tokensale. Launchbase is a selected token platform based on TRXMarket, where new tokens have the chance to sell their tokens and startup the project. Launchbase offers the complete, decentralized trading service with zero service fee for this. TRXMarket evaluates the Tron projects and only will support projects that they think have potential. TRXMarket will list the token for free to reduce the costs for users. ABCC Exchange stated that they will also offer freelisting for the Launchpad tokens.

To ensure, that everyone will have a chance to buy the tokens. The minimum investment amount is 5K TRX, which needed to be deposit before the trading starts. And a maximum of 30.000 TRX per trader. After the token deposit, the sale will start in 3 different rounds offering a higher price every round. All the rules of the TRXMarket u can read here.

What is Tronace?

The first token that was chosen by TRXMarket is TronAce. TronAce is a project that aims to build one of the most popular game platforms, where users can profit from playing blockchain games. But at the same time, they want to offer developer the technical possibilities to easily integrate their DApps by using their API through an open source platform. They will work with wallets, exchanges and applications to maximize the user experience. The token itself, with a total cap of 50 billion token, will be used to share dividend with their users. At the same time people can mine their token by doing transactions on the platform.

The results of Tronace Launchpad tokensale

Tronace reserved 3 billion tokens for the tokensale on TRXMarket’s launchpad. Starting from the price of 0.0015 TRX in round 1 till 0.0021 TRX in the last round. The total time of the sale, of all the three round was 5.1 seconds. Yes, u read this right, all the 3 billion tokens were sold out in a few seconds. Only 194 people were able to buy Tronace tokens, the rest of the total 4014 users were disappointed. This created a little mess in their telegram channel, stating that the sales wasn’t fair because of the use of bots. Some people even stated that TRXMarket bought a lot of tokens itself. So, the first tokensale was a great success but at the same time a little bit messy with people waiting long for their TRX Refund, and missing out on the tokens.

U probably ask yourself the question, what’s the price of Tronace now? The highest price that Tronace reached, after the live trade started was 0.02 TRX, which is a multiplier of x13 in only a few hours. So today was a day of winners, who made 1333% ROI, and losers who didn’t had the chance to buy the tokens. But most of all, it was an important day for the Tron Community with a promising launch of a new interesting player in the Tron Ecosytem.

Summary of the results

  • The Tron Deposit before the Launchbase even was already closed in a few hours, since already 100 million TRX was deposit to TRXMarket.
  • 600.000 ACE was sold in 1.2 second in round 1 for 0.0015 TRX.
  • 900.00 ACE was sold in 1.8 seconds in round 2 for 0.0018 TRX.
  • 1.5 billion ACE was sold in 2.1 seconds in round 3 for 0.0021 TRX
  • 4041 people participated in the LaunchBase event worldwide.
  • 194 people managed to buy ACE during the 3 rounds.
  • The total amount of 3 billion tokens was sold in 5.1 seconds.
  • The highest price, after the trading went live of ACEwas 0.02 TRX, which makes the ROI for people in round 1 1333%.
  • The current price of ACE is 0.007600 TRX, or check it here.

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