How do I send Tron to another wallet address?

Blockchain, sounds difficult. But doing transactions is as easy as paying a bill. There only a few big differences, when u use the Tron Blockchain to send TRX to a other wallet, a company or someone else. U can send TRX in a few minutes to everyone around the world, no more waiting for payments. And every transaction is obtained in the blockchain, which means that the other person can easy track the payment to see if u really did send the transaction. Now let’s see how simple it is to send TRX to another Tron Wallet. In this guide we will make a transaction by using Tronscan, but the steps are similar in every Tron Wallet.

Step 1: Login in your Tron Wallet
Go to the website of Tronscan by clicking on this link and login in your Tron Wallet.
Click in the upper right corner on ‘Sign in”, choose ‘Import a wallet’ and submit your ‘Private key” and click on “Sign in’ again. U can also login by using Tronlink or Ledger. 

Click on the image for a full size view.

Step 2: Open the transaction menu
Click in the upper right corner on “Wallet” and select below in the list “Send” to open the transaction menu.

Click on the image for a full size view.

Step 3: Submit the details of your transaction
A new popup will open, where u need to submit the details of your transaction.

  • To: Here u submit the Tron Public Wallet Address from the receiver. A Tron Address always start with a “T” and consists of 34 characters. Sometimes u can use a QR scanner to copy someone’s wallet address. Make sure u check the wallet address and copy/paste it fully.
  • Token: Choose a token, u can select one by scrolling through the list and clicking on one.
  • Amount: Choose the amount of tokens u want to send by submitting the number. If u want to send all the tokens u have, then u can click on the “max” button and it will automatically send your total balance of those kind of tokens.
  • Note: U can leave this area empty.
Click on the image for a full size view.

If u checked the details, u can click on the blue button with the text “Send”.

Step 4: Confirm the transaction
A new popup will open with the question: “Are u sure you want to transfer X TOKEN to ADDRESS?” If u want to proceed with the transaction u click on “Confirm“.

If u see this popup, it means that the transaction was successfully send to the Tron address that u submitted. U can check the status of the transaction in the transaction overview. Click on “Wallet” and then on transactions.

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