How is iWiW different from other Social Networking Platforms?

What is iWiW?

iWiW is a brand new company based in Vietnam, that designed a new Social Networking Platform on Social networking sites are platforms where users can build networks of professional, social and personal relationships, join groups of shared interests, share content and ideas, maintain relationships.

iWiW is a community network. It is a next generation online social community platform for social nomads where users can connect with their friends, browse content and acquire tokens according to their contribution.

How is iWiW different from other Social Networking Platforms?

  • Privacy Protection: At iWiW, you’re data stays yours. U can delete it whenever u want, it won’t be secretly saved somewhere in the database. iWiW doesn’t scoop in your (private) messages, mine your data or sell your data to third parties.

  • Get rewarded for your content with tipping (crypto) integration: The vision of iWiW is to reward users for their talents, whether it’s singing, writing or making videos. iWiW invites all users to share their content, to give them a audience. Users can reward the content makers by tipping them in cryptocurrency (Trx). Content makers can also ask a small price for their article, song or video.

  • dApps integration: In the next phase iWiW will add games, casino’s and dApps. iWiW gives startups the opportunity to display their dApps to the users of iWiW, to help them getting audience. iWiW will also offer services to help projects turning their game into a dApp.

  • At iWiW users are owners not products, the community decides on the future development and earns profit from iWiW: iWiW doesn’t see her users as products, at iWiW you’re a owner of the platform. This means that your data won’t be sold. As a iWiW users, u will see the adds, so why should the platform be rewarded for this instead of you the user? Exactly what iWiW aims to do, with her dividend token. Every day 50% of the profit of the iWiW platform will be shared among all iWiW token holders. But also the community plays a role in the future decision making of the platform. To accomplish this, every 3 months 50 Senators will be chosen, who will be involved in the decisions according to the iWiW Platform.

  • Sell your products at a worldwide marketplace for FIAT or cryptocurrencies: At iWiW u have the option to sell your secondhand products, your merchandise, your companies budgets to a worldwide public of users. U can accept both crypto (Trx) as FIAT (Mastercard, Visa & Paypall)

  • A complete social media platform with more functions then any other platform: iWiW combined the most popular functions of other platforms like facebook, telegram, twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. On one hand iWiW aims to focus on individual (starting) artists, influencers and talented supporters. On the other hand iWiW focuses on companies, with options to sell their products, post job application, open contests, open crowdfunding / ICO’s giving them a place to startup. iWiW is therefore a perfect platform to start your professional network.

    Some of the available functions right now:
    • Contest: Open a contest, to get help from the talented people and let them create the content that u are looking for and reward the content makers.
    • Blog/Video’s/Pictures: Write and share your blogs/video’s/pictures
    • Group (livechat): Open a group (chat) where u can talk live to your supporters
    • Challenge your community: Start a poll or quiz to challenge your community
    • Crowdfunding: Open a crowdfunding to raise crypto/money for your charity or project.
    • News: Keep yourself up to date with the latest news on different areas.

This are a few functions of the iWiW platform. Every day the team is working hard to add functions suggested by our community. Which means iWiW will grow every day, to fitting the needs of the users and companies.

  • No copycats: At iWiW everyone can verify their profile in a few minutes by completing KYC, to make sure no copycats can use your name. All your friend will know that it’s you and not someone else trying to take advantage of your name.

More information or questions about iWiW?

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