How to install and use Tronlink?

What is Tronlink?

Tronlink is a tool that simplifies the access to the Tron Blockchain. It’s the link between the content of a website and your Tron Wallet. Tronlink can safely be used, because it will protect your funds and private key but will still allow u to interact with the blockchain. Without the need to share your private key first. This protects the users, but also allows developers to easy connect their content to a smart contract on the Tron Platform. With Tronwallet u can easy play DApps like Tronbet or u can trade one Tron Exchanges like Trontrade. Whenever u want to place a offer or bid, Tronlink will first ask you to confirm the transaction and then will make the transaction directly from your chosen and imported or new Tron Wallet. Tronlink is therefore very popular by developers and the Tron Community.

Tronlink is available as IOS, Android application. Or as a web browser extension for Google Chrome, but also works with Brave Browser. If u use a other browser, u have to download Brave or Chome first.

How to install Tronlink and connect it to your Tronwallet?

Step 1: Download Tronlink
Go to the Chrome Extension Store here and click on the blue button in the right to download Tronlink. Once u click on the download button, u will get a warning explaining that Tronlink can read and change all your data on the websites you visit. Tronlink is already online for a long time, a trustworthy company and used by a lot of users. U don’t have to be worried by installing it. Just always make sure u download the official Tronlink.

Tronlink is also available for IOS & Android, steps are similar to below.
-Download link Apple Store
Download link Google Play

Click on the image for a full size view.

Once u accepted the confirmation and downloaded Tronlink, u will see a new red button appear in the extension area in the right of your internet browser bar.

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Step 2: Choose a password
Open Tronlink, by clicking on the red symbol in the right. U will get a popup, showing u the Tronlnk extension. The first thing u have to do is to choose a password. The password will be a login to your wallet and therefore to your funds. It’s important that u choose a unique, long password (including a number or symbol). The easiest way is to use a password generator. Make sure u backup this password safely because there is no retrieve your password function. Submit your password two times in the selected bars and click on “continue“.

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Step 3: Restore account
In the next step u can choose to create a new Tron Wallet, or u can u can connect Tronlink to one of your existing Tron wallets. If u already have a Tronwallet, I advise u to use that one because u won’t have to transfer funds to play DApps or trade. Click on “Restore Account” if u want to import a Tron Wallet.

Click on the image for a full size view.

Step 4: Choose a account name
In the next step Tronlink will ask u to choose a name for your account/wallet. It has to contain at least 4 characters. The name of your wallet is used for yourself to determine which wallet this is. For example if u use more then one wallet, most people use a Tipping Wallet and a Hodl wallet. So choose a name to determine the function of your wallet of choose your username and click on “Continue”.

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Step 5: Choose a type to login in your wallet
U can import a wallet by using the “Private Key” off your Tron Wallet. Or if u use for example Tronwalletme, u will get a “Mnemonic Phrase”, which is also called a SEED. This is the list of words that u get when u make a Tron wallet. Choose one of the methods to login in your wallet. In this example we will use the “Private Key“.

Step 6: Import your Private key (or Menmonic Phase)
Copy your “Private Key” or “Menomonic Phrase” and paste it in the bar and click on “Continue”.

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Step 7: Congratulations, You’re wallet is connected.
Once u have imported your private key, it will connect to your wallet. It will take a few minutes before it connects and then u will be able to see your balance and use the wallet. U will be able to see a overview of your wallet like in the picture below, showing your token balances, the value in USD, the name of your wallet, your wallet address, bandwith and energy.

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Overview Tronlink Wallet Functions

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If u click on the wallet settings (NR7), u will have a few extra functions such as changing the currency, the node, the language and the autolock time. If other use your computer as well, it’s smart to setup a autolock time. This means that after the chosen minutes, u will need to login to Tronlink again by submitting your password.

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How to use Tronlink?

Tronlink is of course mainly used for using it to connect your wallet and be able to easy use it to trade on Tron Exchanges like TronTrade and TRXMarket or to Play DApps. Once u want to place a bet or offer and click on confirm, every time u will get a popup from Tronlink. The confirmation request gives u information about the cost of the transaction, the function and the option to accept the payment or to use the automatically sign button.

With automatically sign, u can choose for example to allow transactions from this website for a certain timerange. For example If u play Tronbet, and u don’t want to keep accepting the payment u can choose automatically sign for 10 minutes. Everytime u click the roll button in 10 minutes, u won’t have to accept the payment but the payment will still be done.

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Tronlink for IOS & Android

In March 2019, Tronlink also launched two applications, one for IOS and for Android. The wallet is similar to the desktop extension, it has the a similar interface and the same functions. The app allows u to import a existing Tron Wallet or to create a new Tron Wallet. It shows your balances, it gives u the options to freeze and vote in the Tron SR Election. And it allows u to trade and play DApps directly from your wallet.

Click on the image for a full size view.

More information about Tronlink?

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