How to setup a VPN to play Live Dealer Table Games on

Live Dealer Blackjack Table has launched LIVE DEALER TABLE GAMES

On 17 May 2017, took their DApp platform to the next level with releasing LIVE DEALER TABLE GAMES. Instead of the table games we are used to, the new DApps include live dealers giving you the full CASINO experience. You can join a table with other players, chat with them and the Live Dealer will lead the game. There are different LIVE DEALERS, different games/tables and languages making sure you find a table that you will like.

  • BlackJack: 12 different Blackjack tables in different languages, with different rules and dealers.
  • Baccarat: 10 different Baccarat tables in different languages, with different rules and dealers.
  • Roulette: 10 Roulettetables in different languages, with different rules and dealers.
  • Poker: 2 different poker tables.
  • Lottery: 9 different types of lottery including keno, wheel of fortune and duels.

Quick setup: Download a FREE VPN and play the LIVE DEALER TABLE GAMES.

TRONbet LIVE is the first partner DApp from, this means that the games are designed by third party’s. The operator of the LIVE DEALER TABLE GAMES restricted some countries due to regulations they have to follow. This means that people from the most country’s (Europe, UK etc.) can’t play TRONbet without using a VPN. Lucky with this step-by-step guide you can easy use a FREE VPN and set it up in a few minutes so you can start playing. It’s definitely worth it. But Please note: a free VPN is limited, consider buying a VPN subscribtion for all your devices in one. I will highlight a few recommended ones in the next paragraph.

Playing on mobile Tablets:
-On Android: You can download Melon Free VPN here, select Canada watch the advertisement and open Math wallet after to play Live Dealer games on Android.
On IOS: You can download AnonyTun for IOS here, select Canada and open Math wallet after to play Live dealer games on IOS.

Step 1: Download WindScribe
There are different FREE VPNS on the market. Windscribe is one of the best because of the big bandwith and less limitations. In a few minutes you will be able to easy play the live dealer games. Go to the website of ‘Windscribe and click on the version that you want to download for the operator you use. You can choose windows, MAC or Linux.

Click on the image for a full size view.

Next you will need to save the file on your computer. Select a map and click on ‘Save‘ the download will start. Once the download is done, click in the lower left corner on the download and select ‘open’.

Click on the image for a full size view.

Step 2: Install Windscribe
Once you have opened Windscribe, a popup will open with the question: ‘Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?’ Click on ‘YES’ if you want to proceed. Now select ‘Express Install’ and click on ‘Next’ to start the installation of Windscribe.

Windscribe will be installed in a few seconds, after check the checkbox before ‘Run Windscribe’ and click on ‘Finish’. Windscribe will now be opened.

Step 3: Sign up on Windscribe
In the windscribe app you will be asked if you already have an account, click on ‘NO’ and you will be send to their website to submit your details. Choose a password, username and submit your e-mail to continue and click on ‘Create account’

Now go back to the Windscribe application and login in with your just chosen details.

Step 4: Choose your VPN settings: CANADA
Under the text: ‘connected’ you can select a region. Select Canada-east in the drop-down menu. Put the firewall on OFF and click on the round symbol to put the VPN ON. You’re VPN is now active.

Step 5: Start playing on TRONbet
Now open your Chrome browser and to the website of the TRONbet live dealer games here: Login in Tronlink, by clicking in the symbol in the upper right corner and submitting your password. Next you can choose one of the games: Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Poker or Lottery.

Choose the version that you want to play by clicking on the image and the DApp will open. You might get a popup with asking you to update FLASH or to give permission. Allow Flash or update to be able to play. Now you’re ready to play have fun!

Available Tables

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Buy a subscription on a VPN service for 6-7 USD every month
A free VPN can be a bit limited, as long as it works it’s fine. But if you want to play faster you can consider buying a VPN subscription for 2 till 12 USD on monthly base. A VPN will give you more privacy and will make sure you can pass any country restrictions. It’s a safe way to access the internet without leaving traces. A few ones to check out are:

  • Express VPN: Most popular, 3 devices (all devices supported), 160 different locations and 3000 servers. Price: 6.67 dollar (by buying 12 months)
  • Nord VPN: 6 devices, 60 different locations, 5300 servers. Price: 6.99 dollar (by buying 12 months)
  • CyberGhost: 7 devices, 60 different locations, 3700 servers. Price 5.99 dollar (by buying 12 months)

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