How to setup BitTorrent Speed?

What is BitTorrent Speed?

On the 9th of July, BitTorrent Speed launched, a product that the TRON & BTT community have been waiting for. But what exactly is BitTorrent Speed? BitTorrent Speed is an integrated application for uTorrent. It allows users to earn BTT (BitTorrent token, a digital currency) in exchange for seeding torrents and their bandwidth. The longer people seed files, the higher the reward. BitTorrent Speed also allows users to spend BTT to increase their download speed. For example, without the function your download speed is 666 KB/s, but once you allow BitTorrent Speed to spend BTT your download speed will increase to 1260 KB/s (89.3% faster). This is an interesting step for mass adoption, because BitTorrent is the most popular torrent software with more than 170 million users. At the same time, it will increase the service of BitTorrent by making it more attractive to seed content by rewards and increasing the download speed.

  • Earn BTT for Seeding Torrent with BitTorrent Speed
  • Increase your download speed by spending BTT with BitTorrent Speed

For those who are new to torrents, uTorrent and seeding we will explain it in short. BitTorrent is a a peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) communications protocol, which is used to distribute data and electronic files over the Internet. It allows users to connect and share content without having to rely on a single source for downloads. So simply said, it’s a method of sharing files with others around the world. The software that is used for sharing and downloading the files is uTorrent.

Whenever you are looking for a movie, you can search in torrent websites and download the torrent by using uTorrent. You download this file from others that are sharing it. Once you have downloaded the file, it will automatically start seeding. This means that you now help as well to distribute the files to others. You can cancel the seeding by removing the torrent.

Please note: Downloading Torrents that contain copyrighted content is illegal in most countries. This means that it’s possible that you will get a fine for doing this. It’s allowed to download content that is copyright free. Therefore BitTorrent Speed can be used both legally and illegally to earn BTT. Before you start downloading make sure you know the rules and the risks. It’s also recommended to use a VPN to hide your IP-address so your activity can’t be tracked to your location. Read here how you can setup a VPN.

How to setup BitTorrent Speed?

Step 1: Download BitTorrent Speed
Go to the website from BitTorrent Speed here, scroll down till you see the purple ‘download‘ button and click on it to start the download. Save the file ‘uTorrent’ on your computer and wait till the download of the file is complete.

Step 1: Download BitTorrent Speed

Step 2: Open the ‘uTorrent’ file and start the installation
Open the file ‘uTorrent’ file that you just downloaded. Once you open, the Installation Setup Wizard menu will open. First click on ‘Next‘ to proceed. In the second screen you will get a warning, explaining that there are a lot of online scams. Click again on ‘Next‘.

Step 2: Follow the installation Wizard

In the third setup page, you will find the License Agreement. Read the terms and click on ‘I Agree‘ next you can choose the install options to open BitTorrent speed. Choose the options that you like and click on ‘Next‘.

Step 2: Follow the installation Wizard

In the last setup page, you need to give permission to uTorrent in the Windows Firewall and you can choose if you want to automatically start uTorrent when you start up your computer. Click on ‘Finish‘ when you checked the settings. uTorrent will open after.

Step 2: Follow the installation Wizard

Step 3: Open your BitTorrent Speed Dashboard
Once you finished the setup, uTorrent will open automatically. In the upper left top you will see the button: ‘BitTorrent Speed‘ click on this and a popup will open with a quick overview of the functions of BitTorrent speed, explaining what it can do. Click on ‘Next‘ to proceed.

Step 3: Open your BitTorrent Speed Dashboard

Step 4: Create a BitTorrent Speed Wallet
Click on ‘Wallet’ in the BitTorrent Speed Dashboard, next we’re going to create a cryptocurrency wallet, this is a wallet for your digital currencies such as BTT. You can safely store your BTT there and use it do transactions. Click on ‘Continue‘ to create a new BitTorrent Speed Wallet.

Step 4: Create a digital wallet to safely store your BitTorrent Tokens.

Choose a Wallet Password and back-it-up safely
The next thing that you will need to is choose a password for your cryptocurrency wallet. It’s important to choose a difficult, unique and long password. Since it will give access to your funds. It’s like the password from your bank account. Choose it wisely. Make sure you also save the password somewhere, BitTorrent doesn’t save your wallet. Your now your own bank, so make sure you can always find back your password. Submit the password two times and click on ‘Continue’

  • Tip: Use a password generator to create an unique and long password.
  • Don’t forget: Writing down your password so you always have a backup.
Choose a password for your cryptocurrency wallet.

Back-up the private key of your new BitTorrent Speed Wallet
Next it’s important to make sure that you make a back-up of your private key as well. Your private key is similar to your wallet password. It will provide you access to your BitTorrent wallet. So, you don’t share this with anyone. Click on ‘Show my private key‘ copy your private key and store it safely on a USB or in a notebook. Above that you will see the button ‘Copy my public wallet address’. Your public wallet address is similar to your bank account number. You can share this with others so they can send tokens to this address.

  • Private key: The password to get access to your wallet and be able to send funds from your wallet to another address. You don’t share this with others, and always make a double back up safely. [It’s Like your password from your Bank account]
  • Public Wallet Address: The address of your wallet, that you can share with others so they can send tokens to your address [It’s Like your Bank account number]
Back-up the private key of your new BitTorrent Speed Wallet

Now you are ready to start seeding and earn some BTT!

Step 1: Choose if you want to spend BTT to increase the download speed
You can use uTorrent either to seed files, but of course you can also download files yourself. BitTorrent Speed allows users to pay with BitTorrent to increase the download speed. You can turn this option ON or OFF. So if you have BTT to spend and want to download files faster it’s smart to turn this function on. If you mainly focused on gathering BTT it’s smarter to turn the option OFF. For this click on ‘Dashboard’ in the left menu and in the second box you can choose in the upper right ‘Speed increase ON/OF’

If you need more BTT, follow this guide to learn how you can buy BTT (Or TRX).

Turn the option increase speed ON or OFF.

Step 2: Download a torrent
Now it’s time to download the first torrent. In this guide we will use BitTorrent now, where you can download both free and paid (legal) content. Go to the website of BitTorrent Now (or open it in uTorrent) And search in the content a bundle that you like. Click on the bundle and choose ‘Download now’, next choose ‘I already have a torrent client’ and the download will start.

  1. Go to the website of BitTorrent Now (or open it in uTorrent)
  2. Search on BitTorrent now for content that your like or choose one of the trending bundles. Click on the bundle to open more information about the bundle and downloading.
  3. Click on ‘Download now’ and a popup will open with the question (only the first time) if you already have a torrent client. Choose ‘‘I already have a torrent client”. Next you will see that download starts in your web browser
  4. Double click on the downloaded file to open it and it will automatically start in uTorrent. Next you the details such as the name and the location of where the file should be saved. Click on ‘OK‘ to start the download.

The most popular (illegal) torrent websites are: The Pirate Bay, YTS.AM, 1337X, RARBG and Torrentz2. At torrenwebsites you can search for the content that you are looking for such as movies, music and software and to start downloading the torrent you click on the magnet link and run the file. It will automatically open in uTorrent and start downloading.

Step 3: Seed a torrent
Once you finished downloading a torrent file, it will automatically start seeding. You don’t have to take further actions for this. You will find a overview of the files that you are seeding by ‘Torrents’ >> ‘Seeding’. However if you don’t want to seed, you can either delete the torrent out of your torrents list in uTorrent, by right clicking on it and select ‘remove‘ or you can close uTorrent.

You can also create your own torrents, you can find a guide for this here.

Seed a torrent

Step 4: Start earning BTT
Once you have downloaded some files and are seeding them, you will be eligible to earn BTT. How much BTT you will earn depends on a variety of factors such as: the demand for the file and your network connection. You will start with a balance of 10 BTT (Yes, a small gift from BitTorrent) and once you’re seeding you will see your balance rise slowly. The longer you stay seeding the more chances of being rewarded with BTT you have. So in order to earn the most BTT you need the best setup for seeding (computer, network speed, performance) and a lot of torrents which are popular and downloaded often.

Please note: You can’t withdraw your earned BTT tokens yet to other cryptocurrency wallets. This feature will come soon. But you can import your BitTorrent Speed Wallet into a wallet provider such as Tronwalletme, Tronblocks or Guildchat.

More information about BitTorrent?

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