How to install and use GuildWallet?

What is GuildWallet?

GuildWallet is a browser extension that simplifies the access to the TRON Blockchain. It’s the link between the content of a website and your TRON wallet. GuildWallet allows you to safely use DApps such as games or exchanges, without sharing your private key with the DApp. With GuildWallet you will be able to do transactions or process smart-contracts, but still control all your funds.

Whenever you want to make a transaction or interact with a smart-contract, GuildWallet will send you a popup messages explaining all the details of your chosen action. You can then choose to accept this transaction and to proceed. When you accept the transaction, the tokens will be send from your connected TRON wallet right to the platform / DApp.

But that’s not all GuildWallet is also a complete TRON wallet with all the functions of a wallet that you need such as: sending transactions, checking your balances, freezing your TRON, checking your transactions and much more. Of course there are other extensions like Tronlink that offer the same features. However GuildWallet is a excellent chose for both beginners and experts. Since it has all the functions you need, is much user-friendly because of the simple clear interface and the details then other extensions. And it allows you to add multiple wallets and easy switch between those.

GuildWallet is available for desktops, as a browser extension. Which means that you will need to have a browser that supports Chrome extensions. When downloading GuildWallet you can either choose to import a existing TRON wallet or to create a new TRON wallet. BitGuild, the company that created GuildWallet also created a cross-chain wallet for TRON and Ethereum for Android/IOS better known as Guildchat. You can read more about Guildchat here. In the next paragraphs, I will explain how to install GuildWallet and connect it your TRON wallet, all the functions of GuildWallet, how to use GuildWallet and how to add more then one TRON wallet.

How to install GuidWallet and import your TRON wallet?

Step 1: Download GuidWallet
GuildWallet is a complete TRON wallet extension for Google Chrome, similar to extensions like Metamask and Tronlink. But before you start, make sure you have a browser that supports Chrome extensions such as: Google Chrome, Brave Browser, Opera or Firefox. Next we’re going to download the GuildWallet extension.

Go to the Chrome Exension Page of GuildWallet and click in the upper right corner on ‘Add to Chrome‘. Once you click on the download button, you will get a warning explaining that GuildWallet can read and change all your data on the websites that you visit. This is needed to be able to interact with DApp like games and exchanges. And nothing you should worry about. So read the warning and click on ‘Add Extension’ if you want to proceed.

Step 1: Download the GuildWallet Chrome extension
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After a few seconds of downloading, you will see in the upper right corner a new blue symbol appear which means that GuildWallet has been added to your extensions.

GuildWallet has now been added to your extensions.

Step 2: Open Guildwallet and read the terms
Now it’s time open GuildWallet, click on the ”blue GuildWallet logo” in the upper right corner. And the first that you will see is the GuildWallet disclaimer, explaining the risks and terms for using GuildWallet. Scroll down, check the box for to accept that you have read the disclaimer: ”I have read this information” and click on ”I understand and accept the terms’‘.

Step 2: Open GuildWallet and read the terms
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Step 3: Choose a strong password
Next you will need to choose a password, it’s recommended to choose a difficult password (long, including symbols and capital letters) for this you can use a password generator. The password will give you access to the TRON wallets that you connected with GuildWallet, so also your funds. That’s why the password should be a unique and difficult one to protect your funds. ”Submit your chosen password two times” and click on ”Next

Step 3: Choose a strong password
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Step 4: Import a existing TRON wallet
If you already own a TRON wallet, you can import your current TRON wallet by clicking on ”Import Wallet’‘. You will need the private key of your TRON wallet to import. In GuildWallet you can also add more then one wallet, after the setup. So you can easy switch between your different TRON wallets.

Step 4: Import a existing TRON wallet
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Step 5: Choose a name for your wallet and submit your private key
Next you will need to choose a name for your TRON Wallet. The name of the wallet is only to determine for yourself which wallet it is, if you use more then one wallet. For example maybe you have a Goseedit wallet and a Guildchat Wallet. Choose whatever name you like for you wallet. And next you will need to copy your private key from your TRON wallet and paste it under ”Private key”. Make sure you copy it fully. And last click on ”Import Wallet

Step 5: Choose a name for your wallet and submit your private key.
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Congratulations, you’re GuildWallet is all setup and ready to use.
If you want to add another TRON wallet, open GuildWallet by clicking on the blue symbol. Next click on ‘Select’. You will be redirected to your wallet overview. Here you can switch between your different TRON wallets. You will also see the option ‘Import Wallet’ and ‘New wallet’. So you can either choose to import another TRON wallet or to create a new TRON wallet.

How to use GuildWallet?

Whenever you visit a DApp, GuildWallet will be the extension that connects the website to your TRON Wallet. So for example if you want to buy PLAT on, you will need to deposit the amount of TRX to Trontrade to be able to buy the PLAT. Once you filled in the details and are ready to make the transaction. GuildWallet will send you a confirmation request. In the confirmation request you can find the details about the transaction and choose if you want to accept the transaction or reject it. Once you accepted the confirmation, the transaction will be made. You can also use the automatic signing, which allows you to automatically accept all the transaction for the chosen time frame. So that you can trade or play even faster.

How to use GuildWallet?
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Overview GuildWallet Functions

The different GuildWallet Functions explained
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More information about BitGuild & GuildWallet?

Do you need more information about BitGuild, GuildWallet, Guildchat or Trontrade? Then check the links below to get in contact with the support or admins that are always available to answer your questions.

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