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On April 27, the LoveHearts Team came with a surprising announcement. LoveHearts was one of the first Tron ICOs that played an important role in the adoption of GoSeedit on both Telegram and Twitter. The LoveHearts team announces that they have taken over TRXPlorer from the previous owner. Even Justin Sun shows his support to LoveHearts by retweeting their announcement.

TRXPlorer was very popular months ago since it was then next to Tronscan the only Tron explorer. That is why it is an interesting strategic step from LoveHearts to take over TRXPlorer. TRXPlorer is a tool where u can check every transaction, block, address or token on the Tron Blockchain. The LoveHearts team takes on the further development of TRXPlorer, wants to integrate more functions and develop a new design. Their own LoveHearts (LVH) token will also receive a usecase on the platform and be integrated. To celebrate the big news for LoveHearts they also launched a 100K Giveaway Competition. U can participate in the competition here.

Announcement from the LoveHearts team on 27th of April

What is TRXPlorer?
As the most u probably know, blockchain is a decentralized and public ledger that is used to record data. U can compare it the best to a (cash) register. With blockchain every transaction is recorded and open to public. A Blockchain Explorer is a tool that allows u to check all the information on the blockchain. TRXPlorer was one of the first Tron Blockchain Explorers and was very popular in the early days.

On TRXPlorer u can check every block that has been produced, every transaction that has been made and all Tron Addresses. So if u for example want to check the balance of your wallet or the status of your transaction, u can use TRXPlorer for this. At TRXPlorer u can also check the amount and status of all the NODES, all different tokens and contracts. Interesting is, that on Tronscan u can’t sort TRON ICO’s on the date of creation, but TRXPlorer gives u a complete overview of the last new created tokens. So if u want to be the first to get to know a token, then TRXPlorer can help u with finding the new gems.
Find here more information about TRXPlorer.

The TRXPlorer, Tron Blockchain Explorer from LoveHearts.

More information about LoveHearts or TRXPlorer?

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