How to buy your NoleLegends in the pre-sale?

Preview of the NoleLegends DApp

What is NoleLegends?

NoleLegends is a new (game) DApp from the project KsumNole, that just re branded to NOLE. Ksumnole’s mission is to bring together charity organizations to utilize the super fast and transparent system being built in. Since the launch of their token NOLE already organised a few successful charity events. And build a big, strong and enthusiastic community. One of their plans is to create a Dapp that entertains the community but also fits the goals of Ksumnole. In the Dapp it would be possible to raise legends for yourself or for donation to charity. NoleLegend is a Dapp based growing game staring a cast of magical Tree legends, explore the world of Noleville, Build a team and play a role-playing game. The whole Dapp has a beautiful story line that highlights the beauty of nature and humans working together. Not all details are known yet, but the graphics look awesome. In the game it would be your job, to grow your legends from seeds till Tree Legends, with games, tokens and role-playing features. There are in total 6 different Legends with all a unique story, skills and features. And on the 18th of July NoleLegends launched their market to fund the future development of the game, giving you as an investor a great opportunity.

Benefits of early-adopters that participate in the pre-sale

In the pre-sale early adopters have the opportunity to be buy the first in-game items (and tokens) with a 30% discount. Some of the SEEDs are very rare with a low supply, so the availability of the SEEDS is limited so if you want to make sure that your favorite NoleLegend is still available it’s smart to join the pre-sale. And last but not least, next to the discount NoleLegends will also reward the top 1000 early adopters with a big jackpot that contains 11.000 NOLE with a value of 275.000 TRX. More information about the Jackpot I will describe below.

All the funds raised in the pre-sale will be used for future development of the Dapp. In order to launch the game the softcap will need to be reached. You can check the progress of the soft and hardcap on the marketpage. However after only a few hours, the progress is already incredible!

What do I need to participate in the Pre-Sale?

  • A TRON wallet: First of all you will need a TRONwallet to save both your TRX as your NOLE tokens. A Tron Wallet, you can compare to a normal wallet. It’s the place where you save, send and receive your money. Except a Tron Wallet is not a physical wallet, but a digital wallet to store currencies, in this case tokens that use the Tron Blockchain. On a Tron Wallet you can safely store your TRX, your NOLE or any other TRC10 or TRC20 tokens
  • TRON (TRX): Second you will need TRX to be able to buy one of the NoleLegends, the cheapest legend is 84 TRX and the most expensive one 26600 TRX. You can buy TRON on the most major exchanges and send it to your TRON wallet. If you don’t know how to buy TRON, you can follow the step-by-step guide here to buy your TRX.
  • Tip follow the development updates: Make sure you join NoleLegends on Telegram to make sure you follow all the development updates. Since it’s a pre-sale you will need to wait for the launch to be able to play. You can join the telegram channel here.

How to buy your NoleLegend in the Pre-sale?

Step 1: Go to the website and login in Tronlink
First go to the pre-sale website of Nolelegends by clicking here, next click in the upper right corner on the purple Tronlink logo. Submit your password and click on ”Continue‘ to login in Tronlink and refresh the page. Once your wallet is connected you will see your TRON and AMSK balance in the upper right corner next to the Nolelegends logo. You can also copy this address in the DApp Browser of Tronwalletme, the steps will be similar.

Click on the image for a full size view.

Step 2: Choose which NoleLegends SEEDS you want to buy
The pre-sale is a limited chance to be an early adopter and to buy the first in-game items of the NoleLegends DApp. All the TRX raised in the pre-sale will be used to develop and evolve the game. However the available seeds are limited. In total there are 6 different seeds available, in the game it will be your mission to grow your seed till a NoleLegend. Every Nole Legend has a own story, a unique skill and a rareness. You can see the 6 different seeds on the market page, it also shows the available amounts, the costs in TRX and a short description. So check which seeds are available, which seed you like and how much TRX you want to spend. In the pre-sale you will get a 30% discount on all seeds and participate in the jackpot.

The stories of the Legens Kerala and TallFriendlyGiant are already released. The info on all other Legends will be released soon. Check the stories here.

Click on the image for a full size view

Step 3: Buy your NoleLegend SEED
Once you made a decision, it’s time to buy your first Nolelegend SEED and profit from the pre-sale discount. Click on the ”BUY” button, under the Nole Legend SEED of your chose. A popup will open, submit the amount of Nole Legends SEEDs that you want to buy. It will automatically calculate the total cost in TRX. And last click on ‘Buy SEED‘ if you want to proceed with the purchase.

Click on the image for a full size view.

Once you clicked on ‘Buy SEED’ a pop-up from TRONlink will open, with a confirmation request. In the confirmation request you can find the details of the transaction. If you want to proceed, click on ‘Accept‘ and the transaction will be done from your TRON wallet. You will also get a confirmation of NoleLegends.

Click on the image for a full size view.

Step 4: Check your account balances
Once you have bought some NoleLegends SEED you will be able to see the details of your account in the top under the Nole Legends Logo.

  • The seeds that you hold: A overview of all NoleLegends SEED and the amounts that you hold
  • Your rank: Your rank in the NoleLegends Pre-sale leader board.
  • Total paid: The amount in TRX that you spend in the NoleLegends Pre sale.
  • Your prize: The prize that you will receive according to your rank in the leader board.

Step 5: Check your rank in the leader board to receive extra rewards
Everyone that participates in the NoleLegends Pre-sale will automatically join the NoleLegends Jackpot with a total value of 275000 TRX. In total 11000 NOLE will be shared among the top 1000 buyers. The value of one NOLE is around 25 TRX. So the higher your rank, the more NOLE you will receive. Therefore you don’t only profit from a great discount, but also will receive extra rewards.

How much NOLE you will receive depends on your rank, and the seed value in compassion to the rest. So for example the top 10 seed holders will share 5000 NOLE together, according to the seeds the hold. You can see the amount of NOLE that you will receive in your account details described above.

  • Top 10: 5000 NOLE will be shared among the top 10 seed holders.
  • Top 10-100: 3000 NOLE will be shared among the 90 seed holders.
  • Top 101-250: 2000 NOLE will be shared among the 149 seed holders.
  • Top 251-1000: 1000 NOLE will be shared among the 749 seed holders.

If you want to view the full leaderboard and check how much TRX you will need to spend to get a higher rank you can click in the right on ‘SEED holders’. You will see the top 10 and below also your rank.

Click on the image for a full size view.

More information about NoleLegends?

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