Overview important Tron Links

General Tron Links

In the table below u find a list of general websites that give u a overview of information about Tron, her products, her tokens and productive links that can help u in the Tron Economy.

Tron OfficialThe official website of the Tron Foundation
BitTorrentThe official website of BitTorrent
TronscanTron Explorer / Wallet / DEX
TRXplorerTron Explorer
TrontokensExplorer, token overview and other support.
TokengoodiesTRX Voting SR Rewards Calculator
GoSeeditPayment system TRX
Tron DApp HouseTron DApp Overview
Dapp ReviewTron DApp Review
Tronwalletme DAppsTron DApp Overview
Tron SR Tron SR Community
Tron GithubGithub Tron
SeedgerminatorDApp Startup Platform
Developer HubDeveloper Hub Tron

Tron Wallets

In the table below u find a list of Tron Wallet, these wallets are developed for the Tron Ecosystem and support all TRC10 & TRC20 Tokens. If u only want to store TRX, u can also have a look at multi-asset wallets here.

Wallet NameNote
TronpayChrome extension
Tron Wallet IOSIOS
TronscanOnline website
Math WalletCross-Chain Wallet Android/IOS
Magnum WalletCross-Chain Wallet Browser

Tron Brokers

In the table below u find a list of brokers where u can buy TRX directly with dollar/euro’s.

NameMinimum AmountPayment Options
Changelly50 USDVisa/MasterCard
BitLadon9 EUROiDEAL, Sepa, Giropay/Sofort, Mybank, Bancontact
LitebitNo minimumiDEAL, Bancontact, Giropay/Sofort, Sepa
BitnovoNo minimumVisa/MasterCard

Tron Exchanges

In the table below u find a list of exchanges that support both TRC10 and TRC20 tokens. The main token TRX is available on any major exchange.

Tron ExchangeNote
TronscanTRC10 & TRC20 tokens only.
TronTradeTRC10 & TRC20 tokens only.
TRXMarketTRC10 & TRC20 tokens only.
Play GOCTRC10 & TRC20 tokens only.
TronWalletMeIOS/Android wallet including DEX.
KiwiDexTRC10 & TRC20 tokens only.
FlashdexTRC10 & TRC20 tokens only.
DDEXTRC10 & TRC20 tokens only.
Tron JoysoTRC10 & TRC20 tokens only.
ABCCGeneral exchange including TRC10 & TRC20 tokens.
GuildchatTron Messenger DApp
BikiGeneral exchange including TRC10 & TRC20 tokens.

Seedit Trading Rooms

In the table below u find a list of the most popular Seedit Trading rooms, where u can trade your tokens peertopeer with others using the GoSeeditBot.

Name Trading GroupNote
iWiW.io DEX 9000-10.000 members
Tron Collectors4000-5000 members
StarWars Exchange1500-1600 members
DEX Exchange1400 - 1500 members
TRX Trade Floor1200 - 1300 members
Tron Trading1000-1100 members
TRONBITCOINDEX1000-1100 members
Exchange Room700-800 members
Trx Trade Fast600-700 members
Tron Dapp Exchange500-600 members
Tron Token Trading500-600 members
Ksumnole AuctionHouse400-500 members
TRX Superfast Exchange300-400 members
Genius Money Unlimited100-200 members

Tron News/Blogs

In the table below u find a list of the news/blog websites to give u all the news about Tron that u need.

TronWeeklyTron News Website + Marketing Project
TronLiveTron News
TronStalkerTronStalker Podcast
TronTokens BlogTron Tokens Blog

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