Play Chibi Fighters, go on adventures and battles and earn TRX.

A few days ago Chibi Fighters launched their BETA game on the Tron Platform. Chibi Figthers has already a Ethereum variant running. Which has been one of the longest-running blockchain games with a lot of happy players. The reason for also opening a Tron dApp is the high transaction speed and the low fees for users. Chibi Fighters is different from the current existing Tron dApps: It can be played for free, it’s not a gamble game but a (beginning) Role Play Game with many different functions so you can play for hours and it’s focused on the long term. And at the same time, it doesn’t only entertain you, but it will also let u earn TRX. So what else do you want more?

What is Chibi Fighters?

Chibi Fighters is an action/adventure game. You will start with making a Chibi Figther, and improving the Chibi Figther by gaining experience, skills and gear. With your Chibi Fighter you can go on adventures, play minigames, battle against others or against enemies. Chibi Fighters also collect gems and TRXShards that can be used to play, buy gear or be swapped into TRX. Chibi Fighters also offer different kinds of marketplaces where you can sell your Chibi Fighters, weapons, items or gear for TRXShards. And last but not least, Chibi Player also has a dividend system where 20% of their profit monthly is shared with the users. It all sounds very difficult, but it’s an easy basic game with a great story and animations created around it.

Collect the strongest Chibi Fighters for higher TRX rewards
The goal of the game is to collect Chibi Fighters and make your Chibi the strongest one of the game and earn TRX with them in different gameplays. In total there are 6 billion different Chibi Fighters (combinations). Every Chibi Fighter has his own traits, this traits will effect the gameplay. And of course, since collecting is no fun without different rarity rates some Chibi Fighters are more rare then others. For example Chibi Figthers with a rarity status of Legend will get higher bonuses in games. And in a similar way you also have traits that effect the damage or amor. The complete list you can find in the Chibi Figthers Wiki. You can buy Chibi Figthers, trade or sell them in the marketplace, or grab a free one to start playing directly.

Go on adventures or battles with your Chibi Fighter
There is so much to explore in the Chibi Figther dApp, let’s highlight a few of the options.

  • Play two different easy minigames to collect in-game coins
  • Go on adventure with your Chibi fighters and collect loot (including TRX)
  • Battle against enemies or against other players for coins or TRX
  • Collect your daily rewards and finish daily tasks for more loot
  • Improve your Chibi Fighter by lvling it up, adding skills/stats and gear
  • Buy/sell/trade Chibi Figthers, Weapons, Gear and other loot in the live marketplaces
  • Bring your earned gems to the Crystal cave to collect TRX (dividend system)
  • Participate in events, competitions and ranking lists with your Chibi Figther
  • Collect many different Chibi Fighters with different abilities

And since it’s only a BETA version, you will notice that the dApp has potential to grow in a larger game. Some of the new options that already have been announced are: Fight with TRX Chibi Fighters against Ether Chibi Fighters, Live Battles, More competitions and events. And we think this is only the beginning of a complete full-game experience.

A must-play dApp for every Tron-fan

While exploring the dApp, we got very excited about this new dApp. Not everyone is a fan of gamble games or has a lot of TRX to spend, but this dApp is playable for everyone. You can start for free, it’s simple to play and it will definitely entertain you in the following days. It’s more advanced then the dApps we’ re used to, it has so many options to explore that you can easy playing it for a few hours without getting bored. So it’s both interesting for experienced and beginners, anyone can play it the way he likes it. The animations of the game are beautiful and well designed and next to this they created a full complete story where there is thought of every detail. You notice that the developers wanted to create something unique, complete and focus on the long term instead of a quick dApp to make some money. In short, you definitely have to try this dApp so follow my tutorial below to get you started directly.

How to start playing Chibi Fighters?

In this tutorial we will first explain: ‘How to start playing and grab a free Chibi Fighter?‘ second we will cover all the ‘Other options that the dApps has‘ and last we will explain ‘How to earn TRX while playing Chibi Fighters?

Step 1: Go to the website and login in Tronlink
First go to the website of Chibi Fighters, in your Chrome or Brave Browser and make sure you go to their TRX website and not the Ethereum version. Click on the Tronlink logo in the upper right to to login in to your Tronwallet. Submit your Tronlink password to get access to your Tron Wallet and click on ‘Continue‘. If you don’t have Tronlink or a Tronwallet yet, you can read in this article how to install it.

Step 2: Grab a Free Beginner Chibi Fighter
Scroll a little down and click on ‘Play‘ you will be redirected to the page to buy Chibi Fighters. For Starters Chibi Fighters has the option to claim a free Chibi Fighter, so you can learn how it works. To claim your free Chibi Fighter click on ‘Claim for free‘. Once you clicked it will show you the requirements to start playing (sometimes it still says Metamask instead of Tronlink) click on ‘OK‘ to proceed.
Please note: Some actions are limited while playing with a free Chibi Fighter.

Step 3: Create a new account
You will be redirected to the account page, it will show ‘No account‘. To create a new account you click under your TRX address in the left on ‘Create Account’. Next you will need to choose a name and if you want you can submit your e-mail to receive updates. If you filled in the details you click on ‘OK‘ to proceed.

Step 4: Sign the TronLink message
Once you click on ‘OK‘ you will get a new popup from Tronlink with a confirmation request. This is similar to a login function for the game, it won’t cost you anything. Click on the purple ‘accept‘ button to proceed.

Step 5: Claim your personal welcome package on Discord (Optional)
After you signed Tronlink, your accounts is created and you will go to your account page. You will see a Baby Chibi Fighter with under this a code to get a free welcome package. Copy the loot code and click on the discord link and submit the code. You will get a welcome package to start your journey. Once you have done that, refresh and you will that there is a special loot box waiting for you to open. Click on the box to open it. Once you opened it will u get a overview of your loot.

Step 5: Select your timezone
Scroll down till you see timezone, select your current timezone in the drop-down menu and click on ‘Close‘ in the popup to save it.

Step 6: Claim your free Chibi Fighter
Now it’s time to really get that Chibi Fighter and get ready to play. Click in the right on the blue button with ‘Claim free Chibi‘. A new popup will open, telling you that a new Chibi was born and telling you if it’s a boy or a girl. Click on ‘OK‘ to go to the next page where you will see your newborn.

Click on the image for a full size view.

Step 7: Check the details of your newborn Chibi Fighter
You will be redirected to your overview page, in this page you will find all your collected chibi fighters. Click on the Chibi Fighter that u just received to see the details of your Chibi Fighter.

Let’s start playing with your Chibi Figther now

There a lot of things to explore in the Chibi Fighter dApps, from adventures, till fights. In Chibi Fighters the goal is to earn TRX with your Chibi Fighter, for this you need to level up your Chibi Fighter, collect more Chibi Fighters and improve your Chibi fighter with new gear/stats/spells. Let’s have a look at the basic functions.

Step 1: Start collecting coins in minigames to be able to start your adventure
The first thing that you will need are a few coins. For every adventure that you will send your Chibi Fighter on you will need to pay a few coins. You can collect those coins for free by playing the minigames (or selling items). To start the minigames: Go back to your account page, by clicking the the upper right corner on the ‘Tron Gem‘. Under get more TRXCrystal you will see coins, with two games ‘Tapping game‘ and ‘Zeppelin game‘ both games will give you the option to earn some coins to start your journey.

  • Tapping Game: Click as fast as you can on all the coins that appear to collect as many coins as you can in the timeframe. U can play this game once every 2 hours.
  • Zeppelin Game: In the Zeppelin game you have to keep your Zeppeling flying, by clicking on it to make sure it stays in the air and to avoid boms/platforms and collect coins or crystals. U can play this game once every 4 hours.

Step 2: Collect your loot from the minigames, open the special boxes
Click on one of the games to open it and click on a button to start playing. When the games are finished it will show you the coins that you collected in your main account page. On this page you always can collect your loot also for other games/taks. To collect the coins, you will need to open the normal loot boxes.

Step 3: Go on adventure with your Chibi Fighter
Click on ‘Adventure‘ under your daily tasks, right from the Baby ICON and you will be redirected to the adventure page.

You will see a map with different numbers, this are all different missions that allow you to collect coins, TRX shards and other loot such as potions and gear. The stronger your Chibi, the higher the missions that you can complete. You can see the different levels of missions. Click on ‘0+‘ to start the first mission and select which Chibi fighter u want to send.

A new popup will open, showing you the requirements to go on adventure. It costs 30 coins, that you just collected to start your mission. It will also show the possible loot. This is interesting for improving your Chibi Fighter with new gear. Click on ‘OK‘ to start your journey.

Now you’re Chibi Fighter will go on an adventure, you don’t have to do anything for this. Your Chibi Fighter will be back in 2 hours and 15 minutes with your loot. If you have collected more Chibi Fighters you will need to send them separately on adventure.

Add more Chibi Fighters to your adventure
U can double your loot and reduce the time of the adventure with the ‘Player Support’ function. This will allow you to lend another Chibi and send it with your Chibi fighter. Click on ‘Player Support‘ select one of the Chibi’s, this costs a few coins. It will reduce the time of the adventure, but every Chibi will also collect a own loot box. U can send max 3 Chibi Fighters at the same time.

Collect your special loot boxes from the adventure
Go back to your main page by clicking on the red symbol or your name in the upper right corner. Scroll down and u will see a few new boxes appeared. Every Chibi Fighter brought one loot box. Click on the box to open it and collect your loot. You will earn coins, exp (experience to level), potions, gear or bounty contracts.

Step 3: Level and gear up your Chibi Figther to prepare it for the first hunt
Click on the ICON, with the three fighters and select ‘My Warriors’ in the drop-down menu. Click on your Chibi Warrior to open the info about your Chibi Warrior. Next click after skill points available on ‘ buy SP‘ and you will get a popup asking you if you want to use the experience to buy a skill point click on ‘OK‘ to confirm. Next you can choose to upgrade one of your stats physique, reflexes or brainpower. The stats improve your warrior, it’s the similar to other RPG games. It’s recommended to spend the first skill points on ‘Physique‘ so you will be able to do damage in your first fights. Click on ‘Upgrade‘ after the physique stats.

  • Physique: Increases your health and damage.
  • Reflexes: Increases your dodge and crit chance.
  • Brainpower: Energy and damage.

Upgrade your Chibi’s gear with the loot that u collected
In the welcome package u received a ring, click on one of the two grey ring icon’s to open your gearbox and select the ring that you want to equip for your warrior. If you have collected more gear, you can compare the stats to see which one is the best and equip it in the same way. In the inventory page, at the chibi fighters icon u can find all the items that u collected. U can also click one of the gear slots to see if u have collected gear for this position.

Step 4: Collect your free bananas & claim your daily reward
In the hunt you will fight against enemies (bots) and not against real players. The fights are pre-generated and not live. But to be able to start the hunt, you will need some bananas. Every time you go on a hunt you will need to pay a banana to enter.

Daily reward
Click on the second icon with the ‘three chibi fighters‘ and select ‘daily rewards‘ in the drop down menu. You will see today’s reward, click on ‘claim reward‘. The daily reward contains bananas that you will need to pay for your first hunt. You can claim your daily reward every 24 hours and if you will do this on a daily basis your rewards will get better.

In your main account page you will see above the daily tasks also the text: ‘Claim your free 10x bananas’ also click on that to collect another 10 extra free bananas.

Go back to your account page by clicking on your name in the right corner to open the received loot boxes.

Step 5: Join a clan
In Chibi Fighters there are also 5 different clans available. A clan is a group of people that works together. Together you can collect more experience, (better) loot and lend each others warriors for adventures. Go to your main account page scroll down and click on ‘Clan Exp‘ to select one of the different clans. After selecting a clan you will see your clan banner next to your warrior.

Step 6: Go on your first hunt
Click on the icon with the two battle axes and the viking head, and select ‘The hunt‘ in the drop-down menu. Click in the map on the level ‘1+’ and select your warrior. This is the level of your hunt, you will start at level 1 and once your Chibi gets stronger you will be able to reach higher levels.

Next you will see the fight playing, you don’t have to do anything for this. It all goes automatically. You will keep on playing till you die or till u go to another page. After every round you can choose to take a health potion (by clicking on the pink potion) this will gain your health back. You can also use the orange potion, the hunter potions improve your stats so you Chibi Fighter will be stronger and easier beat the enemies. After every round also a loot box will appear under the fight screen. Click on ‘continue’ to play the next battle. While your warrior is fighting you can loot the chests below.

For the battles u received experience, go back to your warrior detail page to upgrade your skills and equip any gear that you have might won. You can also add a skill to your warrior by clicking on the big ‘red button‘ it will give u a few spells as a option. The higher the level the more different spells u can choose.

Step 7: Prepare for challenging other plays by choosing battle moves
In ‘Open Battles‘ you can challenge other players for coins or TRXShards. But before you’re ready to fight, you need to choose 5 different moves. The moves work the same like the rock-paper-scissor game. you can choose between ‘Stab‘ (Paper), ‘Swing‘ (Rock) or ‘Dodge‘ (scissors). You have 5 moves, so choose for every round a move. In the picture below you find the rock-paper-scissors rules. These moves you only use when you fight other players (PVP) and not when you go on a hunt or adventure.

Step 8: Join a (open) coin battle, challenge another online player (PVP)
After u selected the moves, you’re ready for your first challenge. Click on the blue button with ‘Go to war‘ to start your first challenge. A popup will open where u can choose if you want to play for ‘Coins’ or ‘Gems’ and next you can choose the amount Coins or Gems u want to play for. Please note: If u lose the battle, u will lose the chosen amount. If you win, you will win this amount from the other player. Start with a few coin battles, before you will go play for TRX. Click on ‘OK‘ to proceed.

After that u will see the text: ‘Free Chibi is waiting for a foolish opponent‘ . You will need to wait for another player to join the ‘Open (challenge) battle’ in the meantime you can do something else. You will see the loot box appear go to the event page to watch the game. Click on the three chibi fighters icon, select events that occurred and choose to watch back the battle.

We have covered now the basics, collecting coins, claiming daily rewards, going on adventure, going on hunts and battles, equipping gear and lvling up your warrior. But there is a lot more to explore in the Chibi game. Our advice is to just explore the game, click on all the functions. Everything is explained very well. Below we will also highlight a few other actions.

Buy or upgrade your FREE warrior in a TRUE warrior
As you may have noticed, some functions aren’t available for FREE warriors. If you want to profit from all the possibilities to earn TRX you can decide to upgrade your free warrior or u can purchase a new one. The price of 1 TRUE Warrior is 1500 TRX, you can also buy a legend warrior by purchasing a FCF token on a exchange. The price of one FCF token is 2200 TRX.

  • Convert your FREE Chibi in a true warrior for 108 TRXCrystals is 1512 TRX
  • Buy a true warrior for 1500 TRX here or buy/trade one on the marketplace
  • Buy a legend warrior for 1 FCF token (on Kiwidex for 2200 TRX)

What else is there to explore?

List of actions/games that you can play daily, reload time is between 2 and 24 hours.

  • Daily reward: Claim your daily reward every [24 hours]
  • Minigames Zeppelin & Tapping Coins: Play easy minigames to earn coins [2-4 hours]
  • Adventure: Send your warrior on adventures to gather loot and experience. [X hours]
  • Daily tasks: In the main menu you can find a list of daily tasks that you can do to earn gems. You can change the gems into TRXShards in the crystal cave. [24 hours]
  • Crystal cave: If you earned gems in hunts and adventures (check inventory to see if you earned some) go to the Crystal cave. You can add the gems to the cave. This works like a dividend system, according to the amount of gems you earned you will get a part of the total TRXShards. You can swap every TRXShard to Tron. So yes you read it right, you can earn Tron by playing this game. [Every time u collect gems, paid out every 2 days]
  • Lizard People Game: This is a bit like a gamble game. You need to choose a number between 0-200. If you guess the right number you will earn the total pot with all the TRXShards in it. Each guess costs 1 TRXShard.
  • Open battles: Challenge other Chibi Fighter Players, for coins or TRX. [Costs X Coins/Gems]
  • Butcher: The butcher game is a multiplayer game where you need to hammer down a mob together to earn a chest of loot. [Not for FREE Chibi Fighters, need Butcher ticket]
  • PVP: Join the PVP arena, every week the top 10 players will receive a reward. [Cost PVP ticket]
  • The Hunt: Fight battles with different levels. Every time you enter the hunt you will need to pay 1 banana. You can fight till u are dead. The higher the level of the enemies the more exp you earn. [Cost 1 banana]

Others options that Chibi Player offers

  • Buy (Collect) Chibi Fighters: A true warrior costs 1500 TRX (around 36 dollar). Every Chibi has his own benefits and skills. You can also buy legend warriors by buying FCF token on an exchange. You can also buy, sell or trade your Chibi Fighters on the marketplace for TRXShards.
  • Fusion Lab: Create new Chibi Fighter by combining Chibi Fighters or lend your Chibi Fighter with special talents for ‘Fusing’ options. You will earn TRXShards for this.
  • Buy (Collect) Gear/Weapons in the armory Market: Buy/sell gear for your Chibi Warrior for coins or TRXShards
  • Loot market: Buy/sell all other loot such as bananas, potions etc for both Coins or TRXshards.
  • Participate in events: Enter events if they are to receive extra rewards.
  • Buy TRXCrystals: Buy extra TRXCrystals with TRX. 1 TRXShard cost currently 14 TRX including 500 coins. You can swap them back to TRX in your account page for a current payout rate of 12.6 TRX.
  • Lend your Chibi Fighter: If you don’t have time to play you can choose in your warrior page to ‘set for lending’ other players can pay 25 coins to take your warrior on adventure. You will receive coins and loot for this.
  • Buy Welcome Packages (Gear) from other Tron Communities: Collect gear the suits your favorite Tron Project such as Tronwalletme and Beatzcoin.

Please note: TRX Chibi Fighters is still in beta, so you might experience some bugs or see the word ‘ether’ instead of TRX. For questions u can go to the Discord or read all the information in the WIKI here.

How to earn TRX while playing Chibi Fighters?

The game allows you to collect TRXCrystals (=32 TRXShards), TRXShards (29 Gems) GEMS. This are the different currencies that can be converted or swapped to TRX. You can buy one TRXCrystal for 14 TRX (including 500 coins) and sell one TRXCrystal for 12.6 TRX.

  • Sell Chibi Fighters, Armory or Loot on the marketplaces for TRXShards: You can sell any items for coins, but also for TRXShards. This is only available for payed warriors.
  • Earn ‘Gems’ in battles/adventures and bring them to the ‘Crystal cave‘:
  • Challenge other players in ‘Open Battles’ for TRXShards
  • Play minigames and participate in contests: In minigames and contest you also can win TRXShards.
  • Allow others to you use your Chibi Warrior for ‘Fuse’ option: In the fusion lab you can offer a Chibi Warrior with special talents to others so they can use it to combine Chibi Figthers. You will earn TRXShards for this.

Once you earned TRXCrystals, you can go to your main page and swap them back into TRX or break them into TRXShards. You will need minimum 3 TRXCrystals to request a payout. Click on the TRXCrystal to open the options. First choose if you want to ‘convert in TRXShards’ or ‘Request Payout (in TRX)’ and then select the amount then click on ‘OK’ to proceed.

More information about Chibi Fighters?

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