SPOKpark, roll that dice and earn TRX.

The SPOKPark interface

What is SPOKpark?

SPOkpark is new DApp platform, released on the Tron Blockchain. The vision of SPOKPark is to solve the current problems with the centralized industry and decentralizing it with the use of the blockchain and a own dividend token. For this, they aim at developing clear, simple and good performing gamble DApps where u don’t have to worry about the trust issues with the platform. With the use of the blockchain, u stay in control of your funds, your payouts are automatically done by a smart-contract which makes it fair, transparent and anonymous. And another good thing of decentralization is, not only the platform wins. Profit is shared with their users that are also stakeholders. For every TRX u bet, u mine SPOK. U can freeze the SPOK to earn a part of the profit, a daily amount of TRX. In total their are 100 billion SPOK tokens and 30% of this number is reserved for the mining function on the platform. To listen to the feedback of their users and ensure the decentralization, the SPOK token also gives u the right to vote on the future development of games.

It’s no surprise that the use of blockchain is going to change the betting industry, more and more DApps are being released solving the current problems of centralized betting platforms. Which makes it interesting to become part of this revolution and become an early adopter, since we know billions of dollars are spent in the betting industry.

SPOKPark has released their first gamble game (still in test phase) a few weeks ago after a successful ICO-sale. Therefore the only possibility to get their token is by mining it in the game. The first game they released is the DICE game. The dice game is very popular among the cryptocommunity, so it’s a smart move to start with that. It works simple, the dice rolls a number between 1-99 and u can make a prediction and bet on this. In the interface u can see the possible earnings, last roll and stats to help u choose the best strategy. In the future SPOKpark will release more gamble games, including sport bet functions, which is something that we’re still missing in the Tron economy. It will also develop an exchange, add more layers of incomes such as the advertisement and develop an API Framework, so third-parties can use the platform as well.

SPOKPark versus competitors

There are a lot of DApp platforms that already run a DICE game on the Tron Blockchain such as Tronbet and 888Tron. So the question u can ask yourself, why would I use the SPOKpark platform instead of the already successful other platforms?

First of all, u have the chance to become an early adapter, most competitors already did grow a lot which means that there is enough for demand for the platforms. But this also means that the the price of the token is already raised. At SPOK, the mining reward is very high. Which gives u the possibility to earn a lot of SPOK. Even when u take the supply in consideration, the mining reward is still higher then with competitors. Of course the dividends aren’t as high yet, but what if u take in consideration that they will grow and launch sport bet functions? By that time, u might already have earned a lot of SPOK which will then give u a nice passive income.

Another benefit is that the SPOKPlatform doesn’t ask fees for playing on the platform. Most of the competitors aren’t transparant about the fees, but they do ask 0.1 TRX for a transaction/bet. However, for freezing and withdrawing your tokens u pay 1 TRX.

The core team of the SPOKpark project is very active on telegram, always available for solving problems and answering your questions. Which is not the case for all DApp platforms offering a DICE, but very important for future improvement to hear the feedback from the community.

The downside of SPOKpark is that u will have to be patience, since it’s in the starting phase the dividend payouts are still low. U can see it more as an investment and focus on the longterm. I’ve also experienced a few bugs by playing on Tronwalletme, but this was solved fast by the admins. And last the zero-fees policy don’t apply for freezing your SPOK. U pay 1 TRX for withdrawing your SPOK and 1 TRX for freezing the tokens. Which I think is a little bit high, this means it costs 2 TRX to freeze your tokens and earn dividend. Same goes for the referral link, that now costs 10 TRX. Admins already told me that this will be reduced in the future. So since it’s still in a test-function I assume the downsides will be improved by the feedback of the community and it gives u the chance of becoming part of the development journey.

How to play the SPOKpark dice?

Step 1: Go to the website and login in Tronlink
First go to the website of SPOKPark and click on the Tronlink logo in the upper right top to login in to your Tronwallet. If u don’t have Tronlink or a Tronwallet yet, u can read in this article how to install it. If u want to play the SPOKpark dice on your phone or tablet, u can use the Tronwalletme or Tronlink app.

Click on the image for a full size view.

Step 2: Choose your prediction
The dice games is very easy to understand. U do a predication of the dice rolling over/under a number between 1 and 99, the dice starts rolling and if the number the dice rolled (lucky number) is in your prediction range u will win and make profit. If it’s not in your prediction range u will lose your bet amount.

First u can choose if u want to bet on roll under, that means u think the number the dice rolls will be lower then the number u did choose. Or u can choose roll over, u submit a number and predict the dice roll will be higher then your chosen number. So first click on “Roll under” or “Roll over” and then u choose your prediction by moving the red/green slider. As u move the slider, u can see the stats of your predication change. U can see what the winning chance is, the multiplier and the possible winning. U can also see the latest rolled numbers by the dice in transaction overview, to help u make a prediction.

  • Roll under: U gamble on the dice roll reaching a number LOWER then your prediction.
  • Roll over: U gamble on the dice roll reaching a number HIGHER then your prediction.
  • Prediction: The number u have chosen as prediction for roll over/under.
  • Winning prob: The winning chance of your prediction in percentage.
  • X Factor: The multiplier, that will be used to calculate your profit when u win.
  • Winning: The amount of TRX that u will earn when the dice rolls your prediction.
Click on the image for a full size view.

Step 3: Choose your betting amount
Below the slider, u have to choose the amount of TRX u are betting for. The minimum amount of your bet is 30 TRX. U can submit a number by typing it, or easy use the buttons x2, x1/2 or x10 to choose a number your satisfied with.

Click on the image for a full size view.

Step 4: (Auto) Roll the dice
Once u have double checked your bet, u can click on the, roll over (or under) X button. U get a confirmation of the transaction in a popup from Tronlink. Click on accept if u want to proceed, u can also choose a time frame of auto accepting all payments.

U can also choose to check the auto-play function. This will mean u will keep betting on this prediction till your Tronlink auto-accept timeframe has been reached or till u put the auto-play function off. After

Click on the image for a full size view.

Step 5: Watch the result (and grab your profit, or accept your loss)
In the top u will see the lucky number start glowing and after showing the result. If u win, the number will color green and the funds will be automatically added to your wallet. U will also earn SPOK for every bet u make.

Click on the image for a full size view.

Step 6: Withdraw or freeze your mined SPOK to earn dividends
For every TRX u will bet on the SPOKpark platform, u will earn SPOK in different stages. In the beginning u will earn 6 SPOK for every TRX u bet on the platform. The SPOK tokens u can use to withdraw and sell/trade or u can freeze them. If u freeze them, u will earn a daily amount of TRX according to the profit the SPOKpark platform makes. The SPOKpark core team even stated that the mining rewards in short-term will be changed to a higher reward.

To open the SPOKpark menu, click in the left top at the 3 rows. U will get a overview of the SPOK u mined, the SPOK in your wallet and the SPOK that u have freezed. To freeze the mined click on the arrows below, to move it to your wallet Please note: u pay 1 TRX for every transaction so 1 TRX for the movement to the wallet and 1 TRX to move it to the FREEZE pool.

Click on the image for a full size view.

U can check the overview of the dividends payout in the “Dividend” menu at the top.

Click on the image for a full size view.

More information about SPOKPark?

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