Start with playing DApps

What are DApps?

DApps are decentralized applications, that run on a network of computers or in this case the blockchain, with using a smart-contract to remove a third-party and ensure the decentralized character of the app. In simple words, it’s a service, game or any other app that uses the blockchain.

Tron is lately known as the most active DApp platform, already more then 270 DApps are created in April 2019. A few examples of DApps are gamble games, like poker, dicegames etc. Or for example a DEX, or social media platform where content creators can be rewarded. A full list of all the DApps u can find here.

Install Tronlink

For most DApps u will need to install Tronlink. Tronlink is a Chrome extension that connects the data of the game to your Tron Wallet allowing it to do transactions. A tutorial on how to install Tronlink u can find here.

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