Startersguide: GoSeedit Telegram

What is GoSeedit?

GoSeedit is a payment system developed for social media platforms like Twitter and Telegram. In August 2019, the developers from GoSeedit introduced a tool that makes it easy and possible to send TRON (TRX) and other Tron tokens through each other by using social media. In a few steps u can reply to every message on both telegram and twitter to reward the writer with some tokens. GoSeedit launched with this a new chapter in the Tron Economy, allowing people to buy, trade and sell all Tron Tokens easy in a message on Telegram. At the same time, Tron launched the option to start an ICO on the Tron Platform in a few steps. Together with Seedit this created a whole new online ecosystem for the Tron users, that till now still is daily actively used.

What are the functions of GoSeedit on Telegram?

  • Tipping your friends: With GoSeedit u can reply to every message or person and with one simple command u can send them TRX or other tokens.
  • Starting a basic Tron Wallet: Once u activate the GoSeeditBot, u will automatically get a personal wallet including your private key. This allows u to send, receive and trade all TRC10 and TRC20 tokens. The bot gives u a overview of the transactions and balances of your wallet. At the same time u can also login with the same wallet in Tronscan for more advanced functions.
  • Receiving TRX or other Tron Tokens: GoSeedit is known for the giveaways that were launched after the start of GoSeedit. Every admin can reward their community by letting it ‘rain‘ tokens in the group. The active people in the chat will then receive the tokens.
  • Buying Tron Tokens (or ICO’s): By replying to the message of the ICO or project where u are interested in u can easy buy a few of those tokens with using GoSeedit.
  • Trading in GoSeedit Trading Rooms: Meanwhile a lot of TRON DEX Telegram groups were created. In these groups there are constant hundreds of people placing offers. With GoSeedit it’s possible to trade peer to peer, without the risk of a unfair trade. The bot acts like a third party to make sure both parties get the tokens they promised.

How do I setup GoSeedit and create wallet to start using GoSeedit?

Meanwhile, Tron fans developed a wallet for telegram. This Botwallet allows you to send your tokens to others, save them, view your balance and also send your tokens to exchanges or another wallet. Note: If u want to save the tokens, I advise u to save the tokens on a more safe Tron Wallet. Most people don’t use a login in for telegram. So anyone who uses your phone would be able to see the private key from your GoSeed wallet. This I will explain below as well.
Step 1: Create a telegram account.
Create a telegram account if you don’t already have one (and set a NICKNAME so it’s not linked to your phone number). Telegram is the ‘Whatsapp or WeChat ‘ of the crypto world. It’s used for many communities and token projects to discuss things with people around the world.

Step 2: Create a (GoSeedit) wallet by using telegram
First send a message to this Goseeditbot By typing /start. This will automatically give you a public and private wallet address. This will also allow other people to send you tokens on telegram. If it worked properly you will get this response from the bot: “Welcome To Seedit” . Sometimes it may be that the bot is a bit lethargic. Then type /start again or try again later.
Step 3: You’re wallet is created, don’t forget to make a BACKUP.
Congratulations, your now the owner of a Tron wallet, which is ready to use. This means that people now can send u tokens on Telegram. Since u only can acces the private key by using Telegram, it’s important to make a backup of your Public Wallet Address and Your Private Key somewhere. When u will lose your Telegram account, u won’t risk losing your wallet this way. Therefore I advise u to make a copy of those details and safe there somewhere safely, where nobody can access it except u.

Let’s dive more into the functions of the GoSeedit (Wallet).

The functions from @GoSeeditbot
  • A. Help: When you press “Help?” You get a brief explanation of how you can send tokens to others. Please note: To be able to do this you have to have at least 1 TRX in your wallet to pay the transaction fee. 1 TRX currently costs about 2 dollarcent. U can find a step-by-step guide to buy Tron here.
  •  B. Address: When you press “Address” the bot will show u your Public Wallet Address, as mentioned earlier this is the address where you and others can send tokens too (like your bank account number). The bot also offers you the possibility to change the deposit address, to make it possible that the tokens u receive go directly to that wallet. However, u won’t be able to send your tokens around immediately by using telegram. 
  • C. Private Key: When you press on “Private Key” the bot will send u your ‘Private Key’ this is the key to open your wallet and send transactions. This is like a password, u don’t share it with others and make sure u store it somewhere safely. With this key you can log on Tron Scan and purchase or send tokens to another address. 
    Note: never share your Private key with others. 
  • D. Balance: If you press ‘Balance’ you will find an overview of all the tokens that are in your wallet. 
  • E: Airdrops: This button automatically gives you an overview of the last 10 “Airdrops” or free coin giveaways that u have received in one of the Tron chats.

Tip: Most people make a second Tron Wallet, and use the GoSeedit Wallet as a tipping & Trading wallet. The tokens they want to hodl, with real value the safe in a other Tron wallet. If u want to create another Tron Wallet, check this article.

How do u login in your GoSeedit wallet by using Tronscan and send tokens to another wallet?

On Tronscan u have more possibilities to use the wallet from GoSeedit, u can easy access it with your private key. In the step-by-step guide here, I explain how u can send tokens from your GoSeedit wallet to another wallet.

How do I send TRX or other Tron Tokens on Telegram by using GoSeedit?

GoSeedit is of course developed with the idea that it is fun to easily reward your (crypto) friends with a number of tokens. For a good tip, to help each other, or just because it can. How does this work?

Step 1: Check if the @GoSeeditBot has been added to the Telegram Group.
Check if the @GoSeeditbot is added to the telegram group where u want to send tokens to others. For example u could try the function out in the official Seedit chat here.

Step 2: Send TRX to your GoSeedit Wallet
To be able to send TRX or other tokens to others. U will need to have tokens in your wallet. But u will also need TRX to pay the transaction fees. This means that u will need to have at least 1 TRX before u can tip others. One transaction costs 0.1 TRX. If u want to buy TRX, u can follow our guide here.

A other simple way to get 1 TRX to be able to tryout Seedit is to ask in one of the Tron Channels if someone would be so kind to tip you one TRX. Feel always welcome to join my telegram group here there, we will help u out.

Once you have at least 1 TRX received in your GoSeeditWallet (Bot of Telegram) you are ready to send your first tip.

Step 3: Follow the tipping commands

A. Always reply to a message: If u want to send tokens to others. U need to send it as an reply. It doesn’t work by mentioning the name. To reply to a message click in the message, right in the corner u click on ‘Reply’ .

B. The tipping commands: U can tip others by using the GoSeedit commands. U type in as a reply /tip (NUMBER OF TOKENS)(TOKENNAME) if u don’t submit a token name, then u will send TRX. See the examples below.
-Example of sending TRX: /tip 10 [you will send 10 TRX to the other]
-Example of sending other tokens: /tip 12 LoveHearts [you send 12 LoveHearts]

In this picture I tip Holikao 5 TRX.

C. Confirmation for the GoSeedit Bot: The Bot repeats this “Mrs Tipped (name) 12.0 LoveHearts” So you are sure that the transaction was successful.

Admin functions for GoSeedit
Admins of a group, do u have for functions for the GoSeedit Bot. They can let it rain or airdrop tokens. In this case they reward all the users that have been active in the group for the chosen hours. For example if a admin uses the command: /rain 200 TRX 99 all people that were active in the last 99 hours will share the 200 TRX in different random amounts. The airdrop function works the same but then with a equal amount for every user.

  1. Rain: Use /rain (number of tokens)(tokenname) (hours since last activity member) for example /rain 50 TRX 8
  2. Airdrop:  Use /airdrop (number of tokens)(tokenname) (hours since last activity member) for example /rain 50 TRX 8

How do I trade Tron Tokens by using GoSeedit?

Most of the tokens u will receive in the airdrops, are start-ups. This means that the tokens aren’t listed on a exchange yet. Since a few months, there have been a few TRON DEXES developed. So if u don’t want to trade by using telegram, u can find a list of the Tron Exchanges here.

GoSeedit allows u to place offers in a group chat, the bot makes it possible to trade directly so u don’t need to to trust the other person. But u will still need to be able to find someone that likes your trade enough to confirm it. For trading with Seedit, u have to be patient and find ways to collect the tokens that u want. Before I explain more about this, let’s first explain the trading commands.

Step 1: Place a offer with the trading commands
U can choose to buy or sell tokens, for this u have two options. U can use the normal buy function. This means that u have to be around to confirm the transaction if someone reply’s. But the easiest and most used option is #autosell and #autobuy. When u place a offer with autosell or buy, the offer will stay active for 12 hours, allowing people to trade the offer till u don’t have the tokens anymore for the transaction.

-Example normal buy offer: #buy 10 SEED for 50 TRX
-Example normal sell offer: #sell 50 SEED for 250 TRX
-Example auto sell offer: #autobuy 10 SEED for 50 TRX
-Example auto buy offer: #autosell 50 SEED for 250 TRX

More then one offer at once: U can place more offers in one messages, with a maximum of 4 offers. U will do this by placing them in a new row. As seen in the picture below. If u want to buy one of these offers u choose the number of the offer for example, if u want to buy the SEED in the picture below. U reply with /trade 2.

Step 2: Wait for someone to reply with the command /trade to your message
If u used the autobuy or autosell command u don’t have to wait till someone reply’s, because u don’t need to confirm the trade. U will be able to see the progress later while u do something else. But if u used the normal sell offer, and someone reply’s to your message with /trade u will need to accept the trade. GoSeedit will tag u, and a confirmation button will appear. U will need have to click on this button if u want to proceed with the trade.

Step 3: Confirmation of the GoSeeditBot
If both parties did accept the trade, the bot will automatically create the transaction. Your tokens will be send to the wallet of the other and u will receive the tokens that the other offered automatically.

Reply to a offer of someone else: If u don’t want to place a offer, but see a offer u do like. U easily reply to the message with /trade and confirm the trade.

Cheatsheet to remember the functions.

A list of GoSeedit Trading rooms

Name Trading GroupNote DEX 9000-10.000 members
Tron Collectors4000-5000 members
StarWars Exchange1500-1600 members
DEX Exchange1400 - 1500 members
TRX Trade Floor1200 - 1300 members
Tron Trading1000-1100 members
TRONBITCOINDEX1000-1100 members
Exchange Room700-800 members
Trx Trade Fast600-700 members
Tron Dapp Exchange500-600 members
Tron Token Trading500-600 members
Ksumnole AuctionHouse400-500 members
TRX Superfast Exchange300-400 members
Genius Money Unlimited100-200 members

Tips & Tricks to Trade in GoSeedit Trade rooms

  • Admin overview: Trade in one of the trading rooms where a admin is present to clean the channel and help people out with question. For example, sometimes people changed the message or used a fake token name. However the most of these type of scams have been solved with the Trontokensbot, that shout outs when people do this.
  • Search last offer: Since it’s peer 2 peer trading, without a overview of the bids. The easiest way to determine the price is to use the search button in the right corner of telegram and submit the name of the token that u want to sell. This way u will get a overview of the last prices from people. If u want to know the ICO price, u can also typ in /price full token name. The Trontoken bot will then give u the ICO price of the token.
  • Never trade in private: If people ask to trade in private, say no to this. And ask yourself the question why someone doesn’t want to make the trade in the trading channel.
  • Make a list of your offers and copy them so u can easy send them again: To be able to trade in the trading groups, u have to have patient. Most of the people are looking to sell and less people are searching to buy. So with a list, u can easy post the message and go do something else.
  • Check the spelling: Always check if people didn’t make mistakes, for example with the name of the token or with TRX. A offer should always be like this: “Autosell 10 SEED for 20 TRX”.

What do I do with all these tokens, which are worth hodling?

The most questions I got asked after people starting to use GoSeedit, I have a wallet full of free tokens now. How do I know if the tokens have any value. This is a hard question. First let me explain that making a Tron token is easy, anyone can do it and the costs of this is only 22 dollar. So u can imagine that there are a lot of “fun” tokens or maybe even “scam” tokens.

The price of a tokens is determined by the demand of the token in the first case. So the first thing to check if a token has value is to use the search button in a trading room to see if someone is selling the tokens or does want to buy the tokens. The second way to determine the value of a token is to do research about the project. Search the token on TronTokens or Tronscan and check if the token has a whitepaper/usecase/team etc.

Tip: Send all tokens without value to another wallet that u don’t use. Otherwise in no-time u will have a wallet full of rubbish tron tokens.

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