TRONbet DICE, the must-play blockchain casino game.

What is the TRONbet Dice?

The TRONbet Dice is a simple dice game that uses the blockchain to give users complete control of every parameter in order to influence the outcome of the bet. The dice was originally launched in 2012 as the first betting game on the blockchain and is know widely known as the most popular blockchain betting game in the world. The idea is simple, people can bet on the outcome of the roll of the dice by selecting a criteria of the outcome of the roll. People can choose for example to roll over (or roll under) a certain number between 4 and 98. Users will see a complete image of their bet, showing their possible payout, win chance and multiplier. The dice rolls a random number between 0 and 99 and if the lucky number is in the criteria the user has chosen the user will be paid out. If the lucky number is outside the chosen criteria, you will lose the amount of the bet. The TRONbet dice allows users to bet with the amount of risk they are satisfied with and give users the opportunity to AUTObet fast and use the dice for mining ANTE.

Payout system of the TRONbet Dice

The payout system depends on the criteria (the risk) the users has chosen. The higher the risk, the higher the rewards. You can see the payout on win before you roll in the interface. To change the criteria/winning chance you can move the slider, the multiplier and the payout will change with this as well. Giving you a complete overview of your chances and your possible payout.

  • Roll over 4 = Winning chance of 95%, will multiply your bet with 1.0368 (for example 10×1.0368 is 10.368).
  • Roll over 50 = Winning chance of 49%, will multiply your bet with 2.0102 (for example 10×2.0102 is 20.102).
  • Roll over 99 = Winning chance of 1%, will multiply your bet with 98.5 (for example 10×98.5 is 985).

The functions of the TRONbet dice

  • Win chance: The chance of the dice rolling in your chosen criteria, the chance that you will win the bet.
  • Bet amount: The amount of TRX that you bet with. (or BTT/ANTE if selected)
  • TRX Balance: The amount of TRX available in your Tron Wallet. It will also give you the option to select another token: BTT or ANTE.
  • Multiplier: The value used to calculate your pay out, your betting amount X the multiplier will determine the payout.
  • Payout on win: The amount of TRX that will be paid out when you will win the bet. ‘BET AMOUNT X MULTIPLIER’
  • AUTO OFF / ON : AUTOBET function, while on the dice will keep spinning till you click on stop (or till your wallets needs to confirm the transaction)
  • Roll over ‘X: With this button you will ‘spin’ the dice.

How to play the TRONbet dice?

Step 1: Go to the website of TRONbet, login in Tronlink and open the dice
Go to the website of TRONbet, click on ‘Dapps’ and select ‘dice’ in the drop-down menu. Click in the upper right corner on the ‘Tronlink logo’ and submit your password to login in your Tron Wallet and click on ‘continue’. Tronbet will automatically refresh and show you your public wallet address in the right upper corner. 

Step 2: Choose a betting amount
Next to win chance, in the middle of the interface you can submit a betting amount by typing a number or using the quick x2, x1/2, min or max buttons. You can also swap to another token such as BTT or ANTE by clicking on TRX balance and selecting another token. ‘Submit the number of tokens’ you want to use for one bet. 

Step 3: Choose your prediction
First you select ‘Roll Under or Roll over’ by clicking on the text. Next you can move the slider to select your criteria. You can choose a number between 4 and 98. When you move the slider you will see your winning chance, multiplier and possible payout change to help you decide to choose a strategy. For example when you click on roll over and move the slider to 4, if the dice rolls a number higher then 4 your betting amount will be multiplied with the multiplier

Step 4: Spin the dice or keep spinning with AUTObet Once you have checked your betting options and you’re ready to spin you have two options. You can either spin once by clicking on the blue button with: ‘Roll over/under X’ or you can put the ‘AUTO ON’ this will allow the dice to keep spinning till you stop it. The first time you spin you will get a confirmation request from Tronlink, asking you for permission to make the transaction. Choose ‘Accept’ and if you want you can choose to autoaccepts transaction from Tronbet for a chosen timeframe. 

Step 5: Watch the result and earn that TRX (and ANTE for mining)
After you clicked on spin, you will see the lucky number changing and showing you the result of the bet. If you win your TRX will be paid out directly to your Tron wallet. If you lose the betting amount will be taken from your wallet. 

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