TRONbet released their Poker DApp (BETA), let’s have a look at it.

On the 18th of April, TronBet announced their Alpha version of the new Poker Game is ready to be tested and will be released. TRONBet is one of the most popular DApps platform in the Tron Community, which started with the DICE game, and after that quickly developed new interesting games. Tronbet is also very popular, since u mine ANTE by playing their games. ANTE can be used to get a daily part of the profit in TRX, of the TRONBet platform. ANTE is doing great on the third-market with a high price and a good volume. And last, the activity on TRONBet is amazing, u never play alone and the community is growing every day.

Therefore it’s no surprise, that the new DApp is Poker. Which is one of the most popular gamble games, since it allows interactions and friends playing together. People have been waiting for this, however PLAY GOC was a week earlier with launching the Poker Game. There were some discussions on Twitter about this. Which ended with a picture, comparing the both of the games. At PLAY GOC u see empty tables, while at TRONBet most tables were filled. And that’s exactly why TRONBet is a long-term and big player in the Tron Ecosystem.

The TRONBet Poker game, allows u to play Poker with your Tronfriends and steal (earn) their TRX with bluffing. U can choose a table, invite your friends, chat with them and at the same time try to win some TRX. The Poker game is very accessible, the Buy-in prices aren’t high so anyone can have shot and play their own league. All the functions, seem already pretty good-working for an ALPHA-version and the interface is very clear, simple and well-designed. It won’t surprise us, if this will become the most played DApp in a few weeks. Everyone loves poker. All funds are held in a smartcontract, so it’s completely decentralized which is awesome. Another benefit is that u don’t need to upload funds to the TRONBet platform, which is the case for example at PLAY GOC. So u keep the control of your funds. Since this is only a BETA, the final version with contain more features that the community will like. TRONBet expects to launch the final version in 7 days.

Before u are going to try out the new DApp, please note that the Tronbet team stated that there still are some bugs since it’s only a BETA and not the final version. In the final version, new features and a design will be integrated. Below, we described a full tutorial to help u started with playing.

How to play Tronbet?

Step 1: Go to Tronbet click on “Poker” and login with Tronlink
Go to the website of Tronbet (or use Guildwallet on phone) by clicking on this link and click on “Poker” to open the new Alpha Poker DApp. After that click on the Tronlink logo and submit your password to login. If u didn’t install Tronlink yet, find our tutorial here.

Click on the image for a full size view.

Step 2: Choose a table to join
Select a table that u want to join. In the top u switch the playersize at one table from x9 to x6 or x2. And u can sort the tables on the betting amounts, the binds. U can choose between 2/4 TRX or 5/10 TRX. Also look at how many players there are at a table before u choose. If u decided, u can click on the table to join it.

Click on the image for a full size view.

Step 3: Choose the seat on the table, where u want to sit in
Once u clicked on the table, a popup with the table will open. Choose a seat that is still free and click on “Sit in” to join the game.

Click on the image for a full size view.

Step 4: Accept the confirmation request from Tronlink
The first time u enter the Poker Game, u will get the question from Tronlink to sign a transaction. This is similar to a login function, it won’t cost anything. Click on the purple “Accept” button to proceed.

Step 5: Choose a buy-in amount in TRX
Select the amount of TRX u want use on the table, the buy-in. U can select the amount by moving the slider. The minimum amount is 160 TRX, the maximum amount is 400 TRX. Next click on “confirm” and wait till the transaction is confirmed. (This can take max 1-2 minutes). A new popup will open, from Tronlink where u have to accept the payment by clicking on “Accept” u can also choose a time range to auto-accept the payments. Please note: When u leave the table, the (remaining) funds will automatically be send back to your wallet.

Click on the image for a full size view.

When the transaction is confirmed, u will see your amount of TRX under your player (wallet) name.

Now it’s time to play Poker against others..

Step 6: Wait till u can join the next round
Right below, it says “Wait for BB” this means u will sit out the rounds till the “Big Blind” reaches u. If u uncheck it, u can play directly the next hand. If u let it checked, u will join when the big blind reaches u (so u don’t have to pay the big blind).

  • Small blind: Half the big blind (2 or 5 TRX)
  • Big Blind: Minimum bet (4 or 10 TRX)

Step 7: Play Poker, and grab that POT!
Every round, it’s Poker like u are used too. With different betting rounds, the flop revealing en the switching role of the players. Your goal is to win the pot, either by “bluffing” the others away or by having the best pokerhand. The interface will follow u through the steps. Every player can call, raise or fold. All u have to do now, is decide your strategy and play by choosing one of the buttons in the right

  • Fold: Throw the hand away, give up and wait for the next round.
  • Call (check): Match the amount of the big blind.
  • Raise: Increase the bet within the specific limits of the game.
  • All-in: Putting all your remaining TRX (blinds) on the table.

Below u find a cheatsheet, of the ranking system used in the poker system.

Some of the available functions while playing:

  1. Buy-in TRX: Add funds to the buy-in
  2. Card deck: Change Card deck overview
  3. Sound: Put the sound ON or OFF
  4. Chat: Chat with the players at the table
  5. History: Overview of your latest hands, pots and the community cards.
  6. Skip next hand (Be right back, function)
  7. Time bank:
Click on the image for a full size view.

Extra Rules

  • If you buy-in over the max allowed in the table, the difference will be sent back to you.
  • If you don’t take action after a raise or bet, it will auto-sit out.
  • If you don’t take actions after a sit-out for 3 minutes you will be kicked off the table.
  • If u leave the table, the remaining funds will be send back to you.
  • To use the “Time Bank” click on the alarm – it will start after the original timer is over.
  • In the BETA u don’t mine ANTE/RAKE for playing the DApp.
  • Please note: it’s still a beta, if u didn’t receive funds or did find bugs please contact one of the Tronbet admins on telegram.

Step 8: Leave the table
When u finished playing, u can leave the table. For this u click in the upper right at the cross to close the pop-up. U will get popup with a confirmation request, to confirm u want to leave the table click on “Confirm” after the remaining funds will be send back to your wallet automatically.

Click on the image for a full size view.

Join us on telegram & play Poker together

Do u want to play Poker against me, and some friends? Join us on telegram, we discuss DApps, (Tron) News, share tips & tricks and help each other. Join here!

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