Tronwalletme released Tron wallet 2.0 which brings the Tron Wallet to a complete new level.

Tronwalletme, one of the most popular Tron Wallets for Android and IOS with more then 50.000 users had a huge announcement today. For the past few months, the developers from worked hard on improving their current Tron Wallet and bringing it to the next level with new functions and the feedback from the community that they received. A few days ago the BETA was already tested by a few users, but today it’s was finally time to go publicly live with the Tron wallet 2.0 and their updated application was released in the Apple Store. The developer stated that the Android version will follow in 3 or 4 days as well. So if you’re an IOS user, head to the Apple store now and update your Tron wallet.

Announcement from TronWalletMe

What is TronWalletMe?

TronWalletMe, was one of the first Tron Wallets released for both Android and IOS. It’s the favorite Tron Wallet of the majority of the Tron Community. Since Tron Wallet is very user friendly and has a clear interface, making it very accessible for both beginner and expert. In a few minutes u can setup a Tron wallet and have all the functions u need on your phone. However TronWalletMe is more then a wallet, it also has an inbuilt DEX to sell or buy tokens on the market or u can easy participate in a few featured ICO’s. Next to that TronWalletMe also offers functions to freeze your Tron and vote in the SR Election in a few clicks. A complete DAPP store, where u can play all your favorite Tron games. And one of the best things is, the application is completely free to use, no secret payments. That’s including the transactions that are free of fee. It’s no surprise that TronWalletMe and their token TWX, a dividend token that shares their profit is very popular in the Tron Ecosystem.

What is new in Tron Wallet 2.0?

So let’s see compare the old TronWalletMe version Tron Wallet 1.0 to the new version Tron Wallet 2.0 and see what the main differences are.

A complete new design with different colors
The first thing that we see, when we open the new Tron Wallet Application is the complete new design and interface. Instead of the orange/red colors u will see pink/purple colors. Which gives the interface a more clearer look. Instead of 7 buttons with different functions in the menu below, there are now only 5 buttons. The voting and participate in ICO functions are now in the main wallet over view as well, where u can swipe to see all the functions. Also new is that it now also shows the Energy next to the Bandwidth under your Tron Balance.

Import multiple wallets
Another awesome feature that the most of us love is the function to import more then one Tron Wallet, for this u easy click on the ”plus” button in the upper right corner. U can then choose to use the watchmode and only see the balance of the tokens, create a new wallet or import a existing Tron wallet with your private key. Since most of us do have more then Tron Wallet, it’s now easy to have an overview of all your Tron Wallets and do transactions.

New Transaction interface: including multi-token send and easy select a contact name out of the address book
And one of the functions we all have been waiting for is the new easy way to send transactions. It allows u to easy select a Tron Wallet address out of the list of your added Tron Wallets or your Address Book. U can also easy add any new address to your address book. And in the next step, it allows u to select more then one token to send to your friends. This way u can easy select the amount of every coin and send for example all your (shit) coins to the black hole or to your friends.

New dApp Browser Homepage and support for signing transactions
If u click on the world symbol in the menu below, u will go to the new dApp Browser Homepage. It has a complete new look, with ratings of a few featured dApps including a quick explanation. If u you’re favorite dApp is not in the list, u can use the search button to go to the website and save the dApp as favorite so u can easy access it fast next time u want to play. The performances of the Wallet is also improved, u will notice the difference while playing dApps. And last, Tron Wallet 2.0 also allows signing transaction. Some dApps like the TRONbet Live Slots, that will need to u to sign a transaction weren’t playable on the old wallet. But with this new wallet, u can play all the dApps that u like.

A few other improvements

  • Live-In App Chat support: In settings u easy find the ‘support’ option, where u can live ask your questions to one of the admins. Also the tutorials of Tron Wallet have been added to the settings so u can quick can find all the answers on your questions.
  • Share your Love: Referral Link (BETA): In the setting u find also the option: Share your Love, where u can easy share your referral link to invite your friends to Tron Wallet on different social media platforms. Currently there is no information about a reward system for this. Since it’s still a BETA this might be added soon.
  • Performance Improvements: The new Tron wallet is much faster then the old Tron Wallet, u notice the difference when playing dApps. TronWalletMe itself even claims to be the fastest Tron Wallet ever.
  • Improved Push Notifications
  • Live-In App Chat support: In settings u easy find the ‘support’ option, where u can live ask your questions to one of the admins. Also the tutorials of Tron Wallet have been added to the settings so u can quick can find all the answers on your questions.

TronWalletMe brings the Tron Wallet to a complete new level

TronWalletMe was already one of the most complete Tron Wallets out there, but with the new improvements it has everything a Tron-Holder is looking for in one application. From trading, voting, sending, and playing dApps. For the experienced users the multi-tokens sender is a unique tool, which no other wallet introduced yet. The second important thing of the update is the higher accessibility of the new application. This app is ready for mass adoption, by non-crypto users with the extra support functions, the clear interface, the address books and the referral options. The new Tron Wallet is therefore excellent for both beginners as experts. And last u notice that Tron Wallet did listen to the feedback of users, improving all the functions and interface to the wishes of the community. In my opinion TronWalletMe was already great, but it’s even better now. Definitely a next-level Tron Wallet.

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