Where can I store my Tron tokens?

What is a Tron Wallet?

A Tron Wallet, u can compare to a normal wallet. It’s the place where u save, send and receive your money. Except a Tron Wallet is not a physical wallet, but a digital wallet to store currencies, in this case tokens that use the Tron Blockchain. On a Tron Wallet u can safely store your TRX, your BTT or any other TRC10 or TRC20 tokens. Every wallet has a address, u can compare this to your bank account number. Your Public Wallet Address is the address that u can share with others so they can send tokens to you. To be able to aces your wallet u will need a private key, this is like your password. U don’t share this with anyone, because when people have your private key then can access and steal your tokens.

  • Tron Wallet: A secure digital wallet used to store, send and receive your TRX and others TRC10 and TRC20 tokens.
  • Public Wallet Address: The address of your wallet, that u can share with others so they can send tokens to your address [Like your Bank account number]
  • Private Key: The password to get access to your wallet and be able to send funds from your wallet to another address. U don’t share this with others, and always make a double back up safely. [Like your password from your Bank account]

There are wallets that only support tokens from the Tron Blockchain (coin-specific), but there are also wallets that are cross-chain which means they support different types of blockchains. For example u can store your TRX and your Bitcoin there.

There is another importance difference between wallets. In the cryptocurrency world u have software wallets and hardware wallets. Software wallets are based on software, u can run it by using a desktop, application or a website. But there are also hardware wallets available, the biggest difference is that it allows u to store your private key offline. A hardware wallet looks like a USB, whenever u want to send tokens from your Tronwallet u have to connect the hardware wallet and verify your passwords. A hardware wallet can go online to make transactions and get data and then can be taken offline for transportation and security. A hardware wallet is therefore the most safe and reliable chose to store your cryptocurrencies.

How do I choose a Tron Wallet?

When u choose a wallet the most important thing to base your decision on is off course the safety of your wallet. Since it will be like your bankaccount, where (all) your money is stored. U don’t want it to be hacked or accessed by someone else. Therefore a hardware wallet is always the most safe option. If u don’t want to spend money on a hardware wallet, u will dive into the software wallets. With the software wallets u compare the wallets on accessibility, the interface, security and the functions that it has. U will also need to choose a wallet that fits your devices. Therefore I advise u to use TronWalletMe. I will describe both Ledger and TronWalletMe below a little further.

List of Tron Wallets

In the table below u find a list of coin-specific Tron Wallets, these wallets are developed for the Tron Ecosystem and support all TRC10 & TRC20 Tokens. If u only want to store TRX, u can also have a look at multi-asset wallets here.

Wallet NameNote
TronpayChrome extension
Tron Wallet IOSIOS
TronscanOnline website
Math WalletCross-Chain Wallet Android/IOS
Magnum WalletCross-Chain Wallet Browser

Safest Wallet – Ledger

The Ledger is the most-used hardware wallet, mainly because of the price-quality ratio, the user-friendliness and the large number of coins that the Ledger supports. The Ledger is now being sold and used in 165 countries by more then a million people. U can buy the Ledger Nano S for 65 dollar and u will be able to connect it to a Tronscan wallet. With a Ledger Nano S u will only be able to use your Tron Wallet when your Ledger is connected to your computer. But since March 2019 Ledger also released a new hardware wallet with Bluetooth function, which makes it also possible to access and transfer funds on your smartphone or tablet when u aren’t at home.
More information about Ledger u can find here.

Ledger, hardware wallet for your Tron Tokens.

Favorite Wallet – TronWalletMe (IOS/Android)

Your second best chose, is definitely TronWalletMe. It’s the favorite TronWallet of the most Tron supporters. Tronwalletme is very easy, even non-crypto people understand this wallet. U set it up in a few minutes and it has more functions then any other Tronwallet. In Tronwalletme u can for example use the DEX to sell your tokens, participate in ICO’s, easy play DApps and freeze your TRX. Tronwalletme is available for Android and IOS, so it will work or any phone or tablet and is completely free to use, no secret payments. It also allows u to send transactions completely free of fee to others. The Tronwallet developers are experienced, talented and build a safe, secure and very user friendly wallet which is daily updated to improve.

Favorite wallet – Tronlink (Desktop/IOS/Android)

Tronlink is more then a wallet, Tronlink is the connection between the content of a website and your Tronwallet. And therefore a must have for every Tron user. Because it allows u to play DApps and trade on Tronexchanges directly from your Tron Wallet. Tronlink is available as a Chrome Extension, which can also be used with Brave Browser. And since March 2019 Tronlink is also available as a IOS and Android application.

Read the complete Tronlink Guide here, with a step-by-step guide about how to install and how to use Tronlink.

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