Where can I trade Tron Tokens?

Since the start of GoSeedit and the possibility to create a token by using the Tron Platform, lot of new tokens were created both TRC10 and TRC20. The main tokens TRX and BTT are listed on the major exchanges. However the most other Tron tokens are not listed outside the Tron Economy. But since a few months a couple of exchanges have been developed for the Tron Economy. A exchange is a platform where u can sell or buy your tokens. On a exchange every user can place buy/sell offers and fulfill these offers.

If u want to sell your Tron Tokens and u don’t know where to sell the tokens. The easiest way is to ask the admin of the project. If a token is not listed on any DEX yet, most of the times u can trade it in one of the telegram trading rooms.

I will give u below a full list of the Tron Exchanges, highlight the best ones. And also will give u a list of the Seedit Trading Rooms and a few tips & tricks to safely trade in Seedit trading rooms.

  • Check if a token is listed on a Tron DEX.
  • Use the Seedit Trading room to trade your Tron tokens.

List of exchanges where u can trade Tron Tokens.

Tron ExchangeNote
TronscanTRC10 & TRC20 tokens only.
TronTradeTRC10 & TRC20 tokens only.
TRXMarketTRC10 & TRC20 tokens only.
Play GOCTRC10 & TRC20 tokens only.
TronWalletMeIOS/Android wallet including DEX.
KiwiDexTRC10 & TRC20 tokens only.
FlashdexTRC10 & TRC20 tokens only.
DDEXTRC10 & TRC20 tokens only.
Tron JoysoTRC10 & TRC20 tokens only.
ABCCGeneral exchange including TRC10 & TRC20 tokens.
GuildchatTron Messenger DApp
BikiGeneral exchange including TRC10 & TRC20 tokens.

Nr 1: Trontrade.io

Trontrade.io is definitely the best place at the moment to trade your tron tokens. Trontrade.io is a decentralized exchange where you can buy and sell a variety of TRC10 and TRC20 tokens. Trontrade has all the functions of a basic exchange, except a stop loss function. On TronTrade u can easy trade directly from your wallet by using Tronlink or Guildchat. So u don’t have to register first and u can start trading right away. Trontrade is the most popular exchange, with already enough volume to trade and earn some daily profit. Trontrade also has a 24/7 support, so if u experience any problems. There’s always a admin around to help. Token variety: 10 tokens listed (both TRC10/TRC20)

  • Token variety: 14 tokens listed (both TRC10/TRC20)
  • Fee: 0.2% of both of the volume that is been traded.
  • Decentralized: No need to register, trade directly from your wallet.
  • Wallet options: Tronlink, GuildWallet or TronWalletMe Dapp Function.

Nr 2: TRXMarket

TRXMarket was one of the first decentralized exchanges developed for Tron tokens and is also a Super Representative for Tron. TRXMarket has a interface similar to Binance and Tronscan and allows you to trade from your connected Tronlink wallet directly. The reason why the TRXMarket is so popular is because u don’t pay any transaction fees while trading. So if u want to safe some fee costs then TRXmarket is your place.

  • Token variety: 10 tokens listed (Only TRC20)
  • Fee: Zero transaction fee
  • Decentralized: No need to register, trade directly from your wallet.
  • Wallet options: Tronlink, Tronpay

Telegram Trade Rooms

Any coin that is listed on Seedit, u can easy trade in one of the trading groups on Telegram. In the group the GoSeeditBot must have been added to be able to trade. The GoSeeditbot makes it possible to trade peer to peer in a safe way. However before u start trading in trade rooms, make sure u understand how trading works by reading our GoSeedit Startersguide here. Below I also will give some tips & tricks, to make sure u don’t get fooled by others.

Tips to trade safely in Telegram Trade rooms

  • Admin overview: Trade in one of the trading rooms where a admin is present to clean the channel and help people out with question. For example, sometimes people changed the message or used a fake token name. However the most of these type of scams have been solved with the Trontokensbot, that shout outs when people do this.
  • Search last offer: Since it’s peer 2 peer trading, without a overview of the bids. The easiest way to determine the price is to use the search button in the right corner of telegram and submit the name of the token that u want to sell. This way u will get a overview of the last prices from people. If u want to know the ICO price, u can also typ in /price full token name. The Trontoken bot will then give u the ICO price of the token.
  • Never trade in private: If people ask to trade in private, say no to this. And ask yourself the question why someone doesn’t want to make the trade in the trading channel.
  • Make a list of your offers and copy them so u can easy send them again: To be able to trade in the trading groups, u have to have patient. Most of the people are looking to sell and less people are searching to buy. So with a list, u can easy post the message and go do something else.
  • Check the spelling: Always check if people didn’t make mistakes, for example with the name of the token or with TRX. A offer should always be like this: “Autosell 10 SEED for 20 TRX”.

List of popular Telegram Trading Rooms

Name Trading GroupNote
iWiW.io DEX 9000-10.000 members
Tron Collectors4000-5000 members
StarWars Exchange1500-1600 members
DEX Exchange1400 - 1500 members
TRX Trade Floor1200 - 1300 members
Tron Trading1000-1100 members
TRONBITCOINDEX1000-1100 members
Exchange Room700-800 members
Trx Trade Fast600-700 members
Tron Dapp Exchange500-600 members
Tron Token Trading500-600 members
Ksumnole AuctionHouse400-500 members
TRX Superfast Exchange300-400 members
Genius Money Unlimited100-200 members

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